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In Sierra Leone, Youths Riots in Freetown
By Abdul Karim Fonti Kabia
Dec 13, 2010, 12:18

Youths in the Freetown city, who have divided themselves into gangster and cultic movements, have been terrorizing the city with various deadly attacks over the past two days.

Major streets in central Freetown were on the evening hours of yesterday Sunday 12th December 2010 flooded with youths armed with cutlasses, stones, knives, bottles and other dangerous weapons. They were using these weapons to indiscriminately attack people and business houses. That was the situation in the central business district of Freetown for over two hours yesterday and the police only intervened when most of the rioters had gone.

At the Cotton Tree environs, teargas canisters were fired by the police to disperse the rioters.

At least five people were stabbed during the course of the riots. Business houses and petty traders were attacked and valuable items including mobile phones, computers, and cash were catered away. Stones and other harmful missiles were pelted on residential and business houses and the situation was like a war zone as people were spotted running helter skelter for their lives and properties. Cars were also spotted making sharp u-turns in order to escape the deadly youths.

Similar occurrence took place on Saturday 11th December 2010 at Kissy Road and Bombay Street intersection and the police also had to intervene with teargas canisters to disperse the rioters.

It has been gathered that the riots are perpetrated by various cults and ganster clubs (cliques), who now parade themselves as supporters of certain Sierra Leonean musicians.

These cult and ganster clubs include Members of Blood (MOB), Cent Coast Crips (CCC) and East Rude Clique.

MOB is allegedly supporting the musician called L.A.J of ‘Money Na Bank’ Fame, and representing the Red Flag Movement (RFM).

Coast Crips and East Rude are allegedly supporting Meniece the General of ‘Drink Tae U Alaki’ fame.

These cult and ganster groups are now using the musical publicity events/rallies as opportunities to settle scores with each other and rob people in broad daylight.

L.A.J’s supporters are dressed in red with red handkerchiefs whilst the supporters of Meniece the General were claded in black and blue with black handkerchiefs tied around their faces.

The Kissy Road riot took place during the musical rally of L.A.J, whilst the PZ/Abacha Street/Cotton Tree riots took place during the rally of Meniece the General.

Residents and business people have expressed fear for their lives and properties and are calling on the police to ban all of the activities of these musicians and thugs so that peace will return to Freetown.

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