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In Sierra Leone, Customers Commend UBA Jogging
By Bampia Bundu
Dec 15, 2010, 17:34

Customers of the United Bank of Africa (UBA) have commended the ‘jogging to bond exercise’ which was organized by the bank for its staff and loyal customers on Saturday 11th December 2010.

After the jugging exercise, a UBA customer, who identified himself as Mr. Mohamed B. Freeman, Managing Director Life Haulage Service, commended management and staff of the UBA for such a brilliant idea. He said the exercise will significantly help in the direction of staff unity.

He described the initiative as wonderful and unique, stressing that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

Freeman underscored that he has benefited immensely from the exercise, noting that he has been working restlessly for a whole year without such exercise.

“I hardly have time to undertake exercises of this nature but UBA has granted me such an opportunity and am thankful to the bank,” he said, whilst encouraging UBA to continue with such a programme.

Mr. Freeman used the forum as an opportunity to appeal to all Sierra Leoneans to bank with UBA, pointing out that the UBA offers second to none services.

Mr. Farouk Gebara, another customer of the bank, reiterated the need for UBA to continue with the exercise which is being organized quarterly.

He even suggested that the bank review the timing of the jogging and suggested a monthly exercise.

“We enjoyed jogging with members of staff of UBA and we appreciate the venture,” he intimated, adding “Such an initiative is a demonstration of team work and oneness amongst staff of the bank”.

One of the newly employed staff of UBA, Mr. Adesina Aderemi expressed appreciation to the bank for such a wonderful initiative.

“I have never worked in an institution where such exercise is done. I must say I am really impressed,” he said, whilst pointing out that as marketers, the exercise is also an opportunity to relate with people and know what customers want.

UBA Managing Director, Mr. Soni Anwal noted that the ‘jogging to bond’ is aimed at enhancing the physical wellbeing of its staff and to relax their brains to ensure efficient output. He furthered that it is difficult and very complex to work in a bank. He also admitted that working for a bank occupies the human mind and brain which he said are integral organs of a human being. He commended the staff and customers for participating in exercise. He also used the forum as an opportunity to wish the staff merry Christmas and prosperous new year.

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