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In Sierra Leone, Lumley Accident Claims Soldierís Life
By Christiane Koroma
Dec 16, 2010, 17:57

A military officer yesterday met his untimely death in Lumley when the military Land Rover he was driving somersaulted and landed inside the bridge that is being constructed by the Senegalese road construction company called CSE.

The gruesome accident took place following a heavy downpour in the morning hours of Wednesday 15th December 2010.

The entire area where the bridge is being constructed was flooded as a result of the heavy rain, thereby making it difficult or even impossible for vehicles and passersby to distinguish between the bridge and the actual road.

The military vehicle which attempted to cross the water eventually somersaulted and sank in the water.

A team of rescuers managed to save the live of a lady that was onboard the vehicle but the military officer, who was using a seat belt, was trapped inside the vehicle and died as a result of suffocation. Residents and eyewitnesses blame the Senegalese company for the accident. There were no road signs to indicate that the site was dangerous and that the road has been diverted as a result of the current bridge construction. One of the residents alleged that he had personally alerted the CSE officials of the dangers the construction work was posing.

Officials of the company are yet to respond.

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