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In Sierra Leone, ACC Boss Bags World Bank Integrity Award
Dec 16, 2010, 18:00

Commissioner of the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC), Joseph Fitzgerald Kamara has been awarded the prestigious World Bank Integrity Award for taking up the challenge to fight corruption in Sierra Leone, and for distinguished service in promoting international and national criminal justice.

The ceremony took place at the Hilton Hotel, Alexandria, Virginia, USA. The award was presented to the Commissioner by the Managing Director of the Word Bank, Okonjo-Iweala, during the International Corruption Hunters Alliance meeting hosted by the World Bank.

Speaking at the ceremony, the World Bank President, Robert Zoellick said individual efforts and smaller network were achieving successes against corruption. Mr. Zoellick noted that the Bank had meshed its development and anti-corruption missions after years of institutional resistance. He called on a group of investigators and prosecutors from more than one hundred and thirty (130) countries to confront the ‘audacity’ of corruption with the Bank’s help.

“In a time of fiscal constraint in many donor countries, we need even more to underscore to donors and recipients that every development dollar will be spent as intended to overcome poverty, boost growth, and opportunity,” Mr. Zoellick added.    

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