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In Sierra Leone, Civitan Boosts Anniversary Committee
By Bampia Bundu
Dec 17, 2010, 17:00

In a bid to support Sierra Leone’s 50th Independence Celebration, Civitan International, a Non-Governmental Organization with focus on community empowerment on 14th December 2010 donated  assorted “Civitan breakthru” T-shirts to the 50th Independence  Anniversary Committee at the committee’s Lightfoot Boston Street headquarters in Freetown.

Presenting the gifts, Civitan’s Country Representative, Bockarie Enssah noted that he was making the donation on behalf of the organization because they believed in the spirit of voluntarism, and that since members of the committees were doing a voluntary job, they merited support from well wishers like Civitan International. He said there is dignity is voluntarism, and hence the need to lend support to all those working voluntarily to promote society.

The Country Representative also revealed that Sierra Leone is the only African country that is a member of the worldwide Civitan International family. “Because of that, when the Executive Vice President of Civitan, John Rynearson visited Sierra Leone some years back, he made a passionate and expressed interest in promoting the organization’s activities in the country,” he observed. 

Receiving the items on the committee’s behalf, the Executive Chairman Dr. William Konteh commended Civitan International for such a wonderful donation. He said the committee was looking forward to partnering with Civitan in their endeavors. He disclosed that the committee was working tirelessly in ensuring that they re-branded the image of Sierra Leone by changing the negative perception held by the wider world against the country. He on that note called on other organizations to follow suit in supporting the committee in order for them to come up with what he called ‘a wonderful initiative in celebrating Sierra Leone’s 50th anniversary.’

“Without support from people, we will find it difficult to succeed in our enmdeavours,” Dr. Konteh said, while assuring Civitan that they were going to use the T-shirt for their intended purpose. He promised the country representative that he would ensure that each and every member of the committee benefited from the donated items.

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