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Maada Bio: SLPP’s Foolish Aspirant!
By Sylvia Olayinka Blyden
Dec 20, 2010, 12:36

Alusine Mohamed Kamara is a 30 years old ardent supporter of the main opposition Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP). He joined the SLPP in 1995 when he was fifteen years. At the time, he was attending secondary school in Freetown. He has stayed loyal to the party for the last fifteen years which is a period spanning half his life. Sadly, he is today nursing a huge, barely-healed scar just over his left eye as a result of the thuggery that supporters of SLPP Presidential Aspirant Julius Maada Bio, have imported into the SLPP Headquarters in Central Freetown.

Alusine almost had his left eye gouged out on the night of Monday November 1st 2010 and the police are still hunting for the five Maada Bio supporters who attacked Alusine Kamara but one rarely hears about Alusine’s pathetic case but what you will hear is that one of Maada Bio’s supporters, Raymond Adams had his own eye allegedly gouged out two days later. But what really happened at the SLPP Party headquarters on Wednesday 3rd November 2010 that caused Raymond Adams to have the Police charge Patrick Sinnie to court for Wounding with Intent?

Alusine M. Kamara: A Victim of Maada Bio’s supporters brutality at SLPP Party headquarters where they want to be freely smoking Djamba.

Well, the matter is now in front of Magistrate Wellington and so I will refrain from much comment on it but the truth, when it is revealed, will shock those gullible folks who have been taken in by Maada Bio’s sick manipulative games against SLPP Leader John Benjamin’s attempts to instil discipline and stop the lawlessness and Marijuana (Djamba) smoking inside the SLPP Headquarters.

Already, Raymond Adams, the man who has been warmly embraced as a strategic member of the Maada Bio Campaign team, has told the court of Magistrate Wellington that his colleague SLPP members, in the words of Maada Bio’s supporters “smoke Djamba all the time at SLPP Party Offices”. So it is Maada Bio’s own self-confessed key supporter who has told the Law Courts that his colleagues regularly smoke Djamba at SLPP Party Headquarters!

There is more to come and I am urging all interested persons and journalists to closely follow that case in front of Magistrate Wellington in order to judge the type of person that Maada Bio really is. Go and listen and make up your mind if you want that kind of man leading this country!

A man like Maada Bio whose supporters few weeks ago stripped a fellow SLPP female supporter stark naked in public for refusing to say she supports Maada Bio, wants us to elect him as next President of Sierra Leone! A man like Maada Bio whose supporters waylay you at the gates of the SLPP Headquarters with his photos and if you refuse to smile and say that indeed the man in the photo is the right man, you receive unprintable insults poured on your head! These are the kind of supporters that Maada Bio has and encourages!

This is the kind of lawlessness that Maada Bio will want to take to State House if he is given a chance. Since he cannot even spare his own party offices of the lawlessness, will he spare our sacred State House? I think not!

And if Maada Bio cannot respect John Benjamin, his Leader but parades across the country spreading lies about how John Benjamin hates him and so is refusing to support him, will he ever show respect for our country’s sacred constitution? I think not!

John Benjamin’s decision to ban Marijuna (Djamba) sales and smoking at the SLPP Party Headquarters and to remove their Marijuana Tent from the party’s environs has gotten Maada Bio’s supporters mad but why should they be mad if they are not the ones smoking Djamba at the SLPP Headquarters? Scenario is similar to the Creole parable that goes thus: when it is said only ugly people should wash dirty dishes, the baboon burst into tears (Oodat worwor go wash pan; Baboon Burst Cry!).

If Maada Bio’s supporters are not the ones smoking Marijuana, why should Maada Bio’s supporters get mad over the Ban on Djamba-smoking? If Maada Bio’s supporters are not the ones perpetuating lawlessness and trying to turn the SLPP Headquarters into a residential location for unsavoury nocturnal activities[to put it euphemistically], why are they upset when John Benjamin orders that no-one except uniformed police officers should be seen at the party offices in the night after the gates are closed?

Now, instead of taking cogent steps to curtail the violence that his supporters are now associated with and which he is obviously endorsing, Maada Bio has now taken it upon himself to make a threatening phone call to a journalist of Awareness Times because MAADA BIO IS A FOOL who thinks intimidating journalists is the way to arrive at the hot seat belonging to a democratically elected President of Sierra Leone.

But I do not really blame Maada Bio as he does not understand the distinct difference between running a democratic State as President and running a Junta as a Banana Republic Dictator. This Maada Bio, who was the one who signed the stupid Wanza Gunboat and other such silly contracts with Lebanese wheeler dealer Mohamed Wanza in the first quarter of 1996 after he overthrew his boss Captain Valentine Strasser, is busy deluding himself that he has once been a President of Sierra Leone when all he has been is a half-literate junta coup-maker who shot his way to State House.

If Maada Bio is clever, he will quickly advise himself and go and apologise to John Benjamin for the false propaganda he has been taking all over Sierra Leone that John Benjamin hates him simply because John Benjamin is determined to provide a level playing field to all Presidential aspirants.

If Maada Bio is clever, he will quickly go and beg John Benjamin for forgiveness for all the rudeness he has been urging his supporters to put up against the SLPP Leader because the SLPP leader banned the sales and usage of Marijuana (Djamba) by Maada Bio’s supporters and their attempts to convert the SLPP Headquarters into a den of ‘unsavoury nocturnal activities’.

But just as Maada Bio has shown he is a stupid man with his phone call to Awareness Times last Friday, so also might he continue to promote the nonsense anti-JOB propaganda that took him to sleep at Tom Nyuma’s house in Kailahun last weekend making all sorts of foolish comments whilst there. Awareness Times will love to engage a combined Tom Nyuma and Maada Bio duo.

If that is the case, then Mr. Maada Bio better start kissing good-bye to his Presidential ambitions. Maada Bio will soon learn that THE TRUTH surpasses all possible forms of propaganda in this world including the current malicious propaganda he is busy peddling against John Benjamin simply because Benjamin desires a level playing field for all aspirants. Maybe Maada Bio has forgotten so quickly that it was Tejan Kabbah’s open endorsement of Solomon Berewa that supposedly created the PMDC. Why should John Benjamin openly endorse any candidate in this race when only a level playing field by the SLPP Leader will save the SLPP and keep it intact? Maada Bio is really a foolish man as the case in front of Magistrate Wellington will soon unfold for the world. I urge all to now closely follow that case to learn more about the problems at the SLPP Party Headquarters being caused by unruly Marijuana smoking supporters of Maada Bio. Problems that are now so serious that the Head of Admin at the office, Mr. Brima Koroma has now been forced to write to the Inspector-General of Police for more assistance in keeping order at the premises as Maada Bio does not seem to be able to keep his supporters under control.

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