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Following a successful nationwide tour… Alpha Wurie Completes 50m Payment
By Abdul Fonti
Dec 20, 2010, 12:38

One of the leading aspirants in the flagbearer contest of the main opposition Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP), Dr. Alpha Wurie, has completed his fifty million leones (Le50,000,000) registration payment to the party’s national executive at an auspicious occasion held at the Wallace Johnson Street Headquarters of the party on Friday 17th December 2010.

As the December 31st deadline draws near, Dr. Alpha Wurie is the seventh, out of the twenty three aspirants who had earlier paid the initial ten million leones (Le10,000,000), to complete his payment. 

Alpha Wurie is now more confident for the race after receiving assurances from across the country during his nationwide tour.

The occasion was full of pomp, pageantry and jubilations. Dr. Wurie was escorted by people from various walks of life to the party headquarters amid singing, dancing and band performances and the intending flagbearer used the forum as an opportunity to showcase his dancing savoir faire.

In his statement at the conference hall of the SLPP Headquarters, Dr. Alpha Wurie explained that he fulfilled the payment of his commitment fee of ten million leones on the 3rd of August 2010, which was followed by the declaration of his candidacy at the Campbell Street Headquarters of the Sierra Leone Association of Journalists (SLAJ). “Following this, I embarked on a nationwide tour,” he explained, adding that he succeeded in visiting every single district in the country.

The tour, he continued, was to consult the delegates and ordinary citizens on various issues of national importance, noting that he was able to carefully listen to the concerns raised by various people.

He said it came out clearly that the SLPP is looking for a flagbearer with what he termed as the SLPP pedigree – a person of a national character.

“I happened to hail from a family that made up the SLPP blend,” he pointed out.

“The SLPP is also looking for somebody trustworthy and my service to this country as a minister in the Kabbah regime for eleven good years speaks volume of my character,” Dr. Wurie said.

In terms of achievements, which happen to be one of the features the SLPP delegates want, Dr. Wurie highlighted his role in making the Sababu Education project a success. “There are tangible infrastructural evidences of schools in all the chiefdoms in the country which is as a result of the Sababu Education project,” Dr. Wurie noted, adding that through training and support, most if not all the homes in Sierra Leone benefited through the largess of the SLPP.

He also highlighted that the SLPP is not looking for a divisive person. In this regard, he cited his role in uniting various factions of the party in the 2008 delegates’ conference in Kenema. Political analysts had commented that had it not for the timely and bravery intervention of Alpha Wurie during that occasion it would have been the break point for the SLPP.

Alpha Wurie said he can comfortably relate with all classes of people, vis-à-vis rich or poor, young or old, educated or illiterate, Muslim or Christian.

Alpha Wurie said the outcome of the tour was what strengthened his resolve to complete his payment for the flagbearer race.

“The delegates want somebody that will bring Sababu to the SLPP and Sierra Leone as a whole,” he ended.

Statements were made by the party’s National Chairman/Leader and Treasurer, John Oponjo Benjamin and Joe Kallon, both of whom congratulated Dr. Wurie for his confidence in the party.

The programme was chaired by the party’s Young Generation Secretary General, Alimamy Bangura.

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