From Awareness Times Newspaper in Freetown

Paul Kamara: Fitness vs. Eligibility
By Jia Kangbai
Dec 21, 2010, 17:10

I hate doing media ping-pong on issues that are as crystal clear and constitutionally transparent like the current debating regarding misguided appointment by President Ernest Koroma of journalist Paul Kamara. Quack constitutional interpretations have been proffered by all sizes and shapes in relation to whether Kamara should be approved by parliament or not with regards to Paul prior conviction in a high court.

Letís face this fact here from the onset: the issue here is not about Paulís fitness for the position of Cabinet Minister. This is not about Paulís persona but about Paulís eligibility. Legal morons should stop hoodwinking that fraud is only restricted to monetary involvement.

Michael Pyshnov was a former university professor in Canada who was removed from the University and the credit for his work stolen by his professor-supervisor, Ellen Larsen who used her knowledge of his work to publish three papers presenting his research as her own. She was later put on trial for academic fraud in a High Court in Canada. The issue did not involve money but fraudulently publishing what does not belong to you. Also there are countless cases of American professors tried for offences related to academic fraud. I hope this insight is enough of an education to illustrate that fraud transcends more that monetary issues.

Fraud is a matter of HONOUR. And only honourable men are fit to be appointed as Cabinet Ministers! This is not a Jihad against Paul. Paul is my Ďmain maní but journalists should persist for the truth.

Finally, President Koroma could have saved Kamara all this embarrassment by first granting to Paul a free pardon prior to the nomination. For now any attempt by President to grant Paul such a pardon is tantamount to obstruction of justice since Paul has already faced Parliament yesterday. I rest my case.

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