From Awareness Times Newspaper in Freetown

After invading SLPP HQs last week with Rude Placards... Maada’s Gang Threatens to ‘Scatter SLPP’
Dec 22, 2010, 17:10

Marijuana Djamba smoking lawless supporters of SLPP Flagbearer aspirant and dictator Julius Maada Bio who last week took placards to the SLPP Offices whilst singing nasty insults against John Benjamin’s mother, have yesterday December 22nd 2010 threatened within the Law Courts grounds that they will “scatter the SLPP”. The notorious Maada Bio supporters were at the courts to try to bail out one Mohamed Kanneh, a Maada Bio’s thuggish supporter who faced Magistrate Bankole Shyllon yesterday after he was arrested on Arrest Warrant for Wounding Alusine M. Kamara, a fellow SLPP member.

At exactly 3pm when bail was denied to Maada Bio’s supporter, the gang openly stated to the hearing of many astounded listeners outside Magistrate Bankole Shyllon’s courtroom that they will destroy the SLPP in a manner even worse than PMDC Charles Margai did if Maada Bio loses the March 5th 2011 Flagbearer contest.

Meanwhile, the Police are continuing to search for three more of the Maada Bio’s Djamba-loving supporters who used a broken bottle to leave a huge gap on the head of Alusine Kamara. The three men who are still being hunted by Central Police Officers on Warrants Numbered CPS171/2010, CPS172/2010 and CPS173/2010 are Ibrahim Sheriff (aka Abravo), John Smart (aka SLA) and one  Raymond Adams. They are all accused of repeatedly smashing the head of 30 years old Alusine Kamara in the night of Monday November 1st 2010. Police officers confirm that Alusine reported at the Central Police Station at around 9pm on November 1st, covered all over with blood. Police  Dr. Rashida in her report states of extensive suturing.

Having succeeded to wound Alusine Kamara on Monday night, the Maada Bio gangsters tried to repeat it again on the night of Wednesday November 3rd 2010 with SLPP’s Head of Security Patrick Sinnie but this time with grave consequences for one of them named Raymond Adams who had to have an operation with doctors removing his damaged eye caused by fragments of broken bottle Patrick Sinnie used in self-defence to prevent what happened to Alusine Kamara two nights prior to that, from happening to himself.

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