From Awareness Times Newspaper in Freetown

On Trivialities & Play Cooking
By Sylvia O. Blyden
Dec 22, 2010, 17:08

The SLPP has been in a state of semi-shock over the past few days. Following Maada Bio’s foolish phone call last week Friday to growl and intimidate my journalist Abdul Karim Fonti, the SLPP especially Maada Bio & his Gang, has been tasting the acidic side of Awareness Times and the fall-out is so interesting! The accusations and counter-accusations! Wow!

The problem with the SLPP is that it is being confused by certain persons therein who think they know about politics when they really know NOTHING about politics. They are Playcook Politicians. They never know the issues to hit on. They waste time on trivialities. They are not strategic thinkers. They never calculate what might be the reaction to any step they take. They have no idea that politics is like a game of chess where each move is calculated and its possible ramifications and repercussions weighed. These certain SLPP politicians see a looming problem like Maada Bio’s desperate ambitions and describe it as trivialities but always under the safety of an anonymous mask.

The problem is not limited to only the ones living in Sierra Leone but also some of the ones in the Diaspora who have turned themselves into ‘political advisers’ for some of the SLPP Aspirants. Instead of keeping their eyes on the Ball and following and trusting their leader, they subject themselves to the manipulative wickedness of certain Presidential aspirants who feed them with lots of lies on which they act and sometimes write. What honest person will say John Benjamin has any SLPP Aspirant that he prefers or is secretly promoting? Only a very dishonest person will make such a claim!

Right now, their party is falling apart because there are people who believe it is them or no-one else so they spread divisive messages & focus their attention on promoting themselves at the expense of their Party. Many SLPP Aspirants now have websites and social networking tools promoting themselves but the Party, as an entity has neither a website nor a social networking presence globally. Aspirants promote themselves but ignore the party’s needs. It says a whole lot about what is more important to some of these aspirants.

Since they lost in 2007, the party struggled for many years to survive with few chipping in any money but as soon as there is a chance to become President, suddenly they have been pouring hundreds of millions of leones into the party they had scorned financially! Some of them never even defended the SLPP in the past or associated publicly with it. Now, they want to be flagbearers! Ha!

When Kadi Sesay uses Standard Times to promote herself (exhibiting her political unseriousness), no-one claims she is the one sponsoring the Standard Times attacks on Lansana Fadika and Usu Boie-Kamara but when Awareness Times covers Usu Boie-Kamara at a time when he was hot news, some of Kadi Sesay’s foolish playcook lads are accusing now us that Awareness Times is now supporting Usu Boie-Kamara.

Another fall-out has been Maada Bio’s thuggish hooligans claiming Usu Boie is the one sponsoring the exposures of Maada Bio’s thuggery and intimidation tactics inside Awareness Times! As if Usu Boie-Kamara was the one who told Maada Bio to pick up the phone to make a call to Awareness Times phones and growl at poor journalist, Abdul Fonti to intimidate us and make us fear him thinking he is still a junta leader.

The most ridiculous claim of all that I have heard is that John Benjamin is the one telling Awareness Times what to write. If that is the case, then John Benjamin must be the one telling us to write and criticise his leadership style whenever we have been hitting on him. Nonsense! Despite my friendship with John Benjamin, everyone knows he cannot tell Awareness Times what to write or not to write. Infact, the truth is that John Benjamin, in the last one month, has seen more criticisms written against him inside Awareness Times than even Ernest Koroma! Fact! From his handling of Tom Nyuma’s sell-out utterances to the loss of Kono, etc. etc., we have not spared John Benjamin. He has been the SLPP member most criticised inside Awareness Times. It is an open secret that I am one of JOB’s strongest public critics when he deserves it.

Infact, Maada Bio might not have tasted the brunt of our pen if he had not picked up the phone to try to intimidate Abdul Fonti. However, when you try to intimidate a newspaper’s staff, it reacts!

Instead of calling Maada Bio to order to stop his Djamba-smoking lawless supporters from challenging John Benjamin and apologising to his Party Leader for the insults on his mother, Play Cookers are coming up with theories.

SLPP has too many Play-Cook guys who do not know the first thing about politics. This is why some party members will ignore the ominous signals emanating out of Tom Nyuma’s moves in Kailahun or the various warning signals which have culminated in the APC now being so sure of themselves in Tom Nyuma’s Kissi hometown that they are now publicly banning the SLPP out of a whole Chiefdom in Kailahun! Can you imagine??? See the Letter from Kissi Tongi published in Standard Times yesterday. Also note that the author of the Letter, a Mr. Nyuma has not even bothered to copy Tom Nyuma.

And in all of this, you have well educated persons like Kelfala Kallon who are grossly misinformed on issues of local politics, going on to waste ink on non-issues about whether or not a LIAR like Glenn Fedzer is really a liar. As for whether or not I made up the issue of Ernest Koroma having a Shadow Cabinet where Kemoh Sesay was Transport Minister, I urge Kelfala Kallon to visit Peter Andersen’s Sierra Leone Web Archives for the month of June 2002 and read the dated June 27th 2002 Archive.

I want to inform Kelfala Kallon and his ilk that Sylvia Blyden is not John Benjamin who allows SLPP members to walk all over him in the name of ‘party unity’. This same Kelfala Kallon recently insulted John Benjamin only to go on and give credibility to a man like Glenn Fedzer in the same insulting article. Well, I am not John Benjamin who allows Maada Bio’s thugs to go to the SLPP Headquarters with placards on which insults were written against him held high whilst they sing songs against John Benjamin’s mother. I am not John Benjamin. I am NOT a member of SLPP and so I do not take questioning my integrity by certain SLPP members with much tolerance. Any Play Cook SLPP Politician who takes up his pen to question my integrity will have hell to pay from my pen in return! Any SLPP Aspirant who picks up the phone to try to intimidate any of my journalists will taste the acidic side of Awareness Times.

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