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In Sierra Leone, Parliament Approves Sheka Tarawalie, three others
By Augustine Samba
Dec 23, 2010, 17:56

The House of Parliament of the Republic of Sierra Leone on Wednesday 22nd December, 2010 endorsed Sheka Tarawarlie and three others who were recently nominated by President Koroma for ministerial positions.

The motion on appointment of the nominees was brought before the House by the Majority Leader of Parliament, Hon. Sheku BB Dumbuya of the All People’s Congress (APC).

In his motion, Hon. Dumbuya told the House that the nominees went through scrutiny and interviews conducted by the Parliamentary Committee on Appointment. He informed parliament that all the nominees have good records and that they were all qualified for the respective Jobs.

Parliamentary whip, Hon. Ibrahim Bundu of APC seconded the motion.

SLPP Hon. Frank Kposowa in his contribution reiterated that all the nominees have clear records, for which he urged colleagues to approve them. 

“I have no doubt that the presidential nominees will be approved,” he said, while maintaining in especially the case of  Sheka Tarawalie that based on past records of journalists appointed to serve as cabinet ministers, he had no doubt that Sheka would do remarkably well.

To the nominees, he urged them to live up to the expectation of the president and the people of Sierra Leone. Minority leader, Hon Momoh Pujeh of the SLPP also supported the motion on the grounds that the nominees were qualified because he was part of the committee that questioned them and that the results were good.

The following approved nominees were Sheka Tarawalie as Deputy Minister of Information and Communication, Ebun Jusu as Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Chief Alhaji Benson Suwu as Deputy Minister of Political Affairs, and Ahmed Kanu as Deputy Minister of Lands.

As we went to press, it was also mooted that Paul Kamara will be approved this morning for the position of Minister of Youth Employment & Sports.

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