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Supporters of Former Junta Leader welcomed U.S. Ambassador to their Offices with Marijuana Stench
By Awareness Times
Dec 24, 2010, 16:16

According to numerous concerned members of the opposition Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) who spoke to Awareness Times, during a Courtesy Call visit to the SLPP Headquarters, by the new American Ambassador to Sierra Leone, H.E. Michael S. Owen in October this year, the SLPP was subjected to embarrassment when huge dollops of stenchy Marijuana (Djamba) smoke wafted across the compound as exhaled by certain notorious members of the party said to be at the vanguard of the aspirations of one of the 23 aspirants for the position of SLPP Flagbearer, Mr. Maada Bio (photo), a retired military soldier who once headed a military junta that was notorious for such activities.


Sometime after the American Ambassador had left the compound, it is reported that SLPP National Leader John Benjamin summoned up a meeting of all the young men and young ladies who frequent the party offices to reiterate to them a previous advise he had rendered that their actions of smoking marijuana on the premises was inimical to the image of the party. SLPP Executive members are said to have informed the youths that the Administration will draft up a Code of Conduct to be observed by those wishing to visit party premises.


Later, the Administrative Secretary, Mr. Brima Koroma typed up Rules and Regulations for those visiting the Party Headquarters; one of which was ‘No Smoking of Marijuana’ allowed on the premises. Mr. Brima Koroma had these Rules & Regulations posted on the walls all over  Party Offices on every single floor’s stairs & corridors.


Most shockingly, according to numerous party members, by the close of work on that day, virtually all the posted Rules & Regulations had been torn off the walls off every single floor by supporters of Mr. Maada Bio; one of whom is said to have openly stated that “even inside Buckingham Palace, people smoke Djamba, so who is John Benjamin to say no Djamba smoking at SLPP Offices?”.


Recently, whilst testifying in front of Magistrate Wellington, a man named Raymond Adams whom Mr. Maada Bio has acknowledged publicly as one of his most loyal and trusted supporters, told the jam-packed court that it is no secret that they “smoke Djamba all the time at SLPP Party Offices”.


Despite all the Marijuana (Djamba) smoking which was done even during the visit of the American Ambassador and all the lawlessness and violence, Mr. Maada Bio, has made it clear that he owes no apology to anyone for the actions of his supporters.


According to Bio, no-one can hold him responsible for the acts being perpetrated by his gang of supporters. In other words, he want us to make him our President when he cannot even take up the simple responsibility of bringing his lawless supporters to order.


The irony of it all is that Maada Bio recently issued a Press Statement in which he indicated just how close he was to these set of supporters so much so that he refused to make merry when he paid his balance Le50million candidate fee. He wrote that this was in honour of what he called ‘tragic’ circumstances happening one of these same supporters who is himself now currently wanted by the Police for violently using a broken bottle to spilt open a fellow SLPP member’s head.


“So how can Maada Bio now distance himself from these lawless people when he has already publicly adopted them?” is the question now on the lips of many concerned.


Most interestingly, Mr. Maada Bio has also indicated that he has no regrets for picking up the phone to insult and intimidate journalists; an action that has now been reported to Sierra Leone Police by Sierra Leone Association of Journalists for further action.


Awareness Times continues to remain actively seized of this matter.

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