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The Miscalculated Mischief of a former Military Ruler aspiring to be President of Sierra Leone
By Sylvia Olayinka Blyden
Dec 24, 2010, 16:00

One of the things which I have found most interesting this week has been the hypocritical appeals from certain people for me to stop exposing that tin-pot fool known as Maada Bio so as to protect the image of their SLPP Party.


It makes me remember that Biblical saying in Isaiah Chapter 33 Verse 1: 

Woe to thee that spoilest, and thou wast not spoiled; and dealest treacherously, and they dealt not treacherously with thee! When thou shalt cease to spoil, thou shalt be spoiled; and when thou shalt make an end to deal treacherously, they shall deal treacherously with thee.[King James Version]

The above can be paraphrased to state that it is at the point when you would have satisfied yourself that you had finished spoiling the name of an innocent person who does not deserve such, then shall the Almighty step in and show the world just how rotten YOU really are!

In November this year, the news spread like wildfire that a supporter of Maada Bio had his eye gouged out by a supposed supporter of John Benjamin. IT WAS A BIG WICKED LIE! However, the manufacturers of that wicked lie had an agenda which was to make John Benjamin look like a violent man encouraging violence against peaceful citizens.


Most commendably, in the interest of his SLPP’s party image, John Benjamin took it all on his chin and never made any public utterance to correct the wrong information. According to John Benjamin, he was willing to be walked all over rather than open up a public debate which would call more press attention to what was a very unfortunate development at the SLPP Headquarters instigated by Maada Bio's supporters with Bio's tacit endorsement.


To the chagrin of his close friends and family, John Benjamin was once again willing to sacrifice his reputation in order to protect the SLPP! He could have corrected that he was not at all connected to the perpetrator in any special way but he kept quiet and took the bad name even after Standard Times newspaper gleefully placed the false allegations right at the top of their front page.


It was so annoying to those of us in the know to watch the poor man offer his reputation as a sacrifice rather than open up a Pandora’s box which would have exposed Maada Bio’s manipulative wickedness but we respected John Benjamin’s choice to keep quiet even when Maada’s gangsters proceeded to invite journalists to go to the SLPP Head-Quarters to watch them hurl insults against John Benjamin’s mother! Some of the most vile 'Mammy Cuss' possible were heard on that day by local journalists.


Throughout all of this, for the last two or more months, John Benjamin has been appealing for journalists not to cover the unsavoury development by Maada Bio supporters that had turned the SLPP Headquarters into a Den of Violence and Djamba-smoking!


Indeed, it was not easy to keep quiet especially after realising that, not satisfied with slandering John Benjamin with the false information that it was Benjamin who sent the perpetrator to supposedly gouge out someone’s eye, agents of Maada Bio ensured the so-called victim was not only shown several times in SLBC television and radio interviews but they REFUSED to allow the matter to be settled in-house, instead pushing for it to be taken to public domain in the form of an open criminal trial at the Courts; betraying SLPP even more! These are the folks now pretending like they care about SLPP’s image! Nonsense!


That foolish, reprehensible scallywag of a man called Maada Bio even went to the extent of prejudicing the criminal trial by issuing a Press Statement citing the supposed incident as a ‘tragic’ circumstance that befell his supporter.


In all of this time of betraying their party image in order to settle scores with John Benjamin over his refusal to dishonourably support Maada Bio’s ambitions over that of other aspirants, the Bio Camp never realised that one day, after they would’ve been satisfied that John Benjamin was now spoilt, there was a God who would ensure that the truth comes out and we learn just who is the Commander of Brutes; who encourages Djamba smoking and who is too treacherous a person to even lead a pack of goats let alone human beings!


That fine day of Justice came when Maada Bio picked up the phone to insult and intimidate my staff! It was no longer about John Benjamin and his altruistic wish to suffer his reputation than risk his SLPP party’s image.


So, if people think I have any intention of ceasing exposures of an unrepentant miscreant like Maada Bio, which has been long overdue, they must be dreaming. I have just started folks and as I keep on telling you, I am not an SLPP member so stop telling me about the SLPP's image! Go and tell Maada Bio to comport himself and put his thugs under control first! If you think I am joking, WATCH ME! AR JES BEGIN!! Since Maada Bio is unrepentant and arrogant, there is always a small axe to cut down a big tree.


And newspapers like Exclusive should please stop mockery of themselves by saying John Benjamin is fighting Maada Bio. It is an insult to say John Benjamin is fighting with Maada Bio. They are not in the same class so how can they spar? Nonsense!!!! Mr. John Benjamin is head and shoulders above Maada Bio in every possible way you can think about and not just in height. That tunku-heighted Maada Bio does not know the first thing about leadership. All he knows is how to be treacherous to his leader(s) like he once was to Strasser.


It was once reported that Maada Bio could not even account for two containers of shipped soft drinks he was given to manage from America  let alone talk about running a whole business so how can anyone compare him to John Benjamin??! Please do not tell me about his supposed agriculture business in Kenema which is just a front for shady activities...! Let Maada Bio go and run a successful business first for at least five years straight in a row and then he can come back and tell us about running for maybe a Local Ward Councillor or if Sierra Leoneans are in a generous mood, they could even consider him for as high a position as Constituency Parliamentarian.  But President???


Maada Bio as Leader of SLPP let alone President of Sierra Leone??? What a laugh!!! What a sorry joke and what an insult to Sierra Leone!


I will love to see that day when SLPP delegates will troop to the ballot box and vote for a man like Maada Bio and present him to the rest of us Sierra Leoneans as the man we should make our next President. That is the day the rest of Sierra Leone will know SLPP is an ‘interesting’ party.  Ernest Bai Koroma and APC will laugh all the way to 2012 Elections! Ha ha ha! Ar tire sef!


Let me end by saying if the antics of one unrepentant, tunku-heighted, foolish miscreant like Maada Bio and his Djamba smoking gangsters are enough to sully and neutralise all the good things symbolised by SLPP & many other SLPP Aspirants then SLPP has a problem! If the current lunacy of Maada & his Djamba boys alone can destroy the image of an institution of 60 years, then something is wrong with the members of that institution! If SLPP members cannot tell Maada Bio to comport himself like a civilised human being and if SLPP members prefer for Maada Bio to be allowed to continue to act as if his Djamba-smoking thugs are uncontrollable, then something is seriously wrong with the Sierra Leone Peoples Party! Lonta!

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