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In Sierra Leone, Commercial Bank Donates to the Blind
By Dauda Koroma
Dec 24, 2010, 14:52

The Christian Branch of the Sierra Leone Commercial Bank has on Thursday 23rd December 2010 donated food stuff to blind people at the Walpole Street Sight Savers Branch.

President of the bank’s Christian branch, Habib Conteh explained that this is not the first time they are undertaking such venture. He said they have been doing it for the past several years to blind and old people.

Whilst assuring that they will continue with the donations on a yearly basis, he made clear that the donation is not only for the blind and old Christians but for everybody within the category of blind and aged.

“Blind and old people are always on our minds,” he emphasized.

President for the blind beneficiaries, Ahmed S. Dian Turay thanked the donors for their undertaking.

He said the fact that the donors do not care whether the beneficiaries are Muslims or Christians is very laudable.

He stressed that blind and old people have significant roles to play in society and thanked the donors for recognizing that.

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