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In Sierra Leone, Police Bosses Receive Awards
By Aruna Turay and Dauda Koroma
Dec 24, 2010, 14:55

Local Unit Commanders of the Goderich and Lumley Police Divisions, Chief Superintendents Alhaji Gibril Kabbah and Tamba M. Lahai respectively, have received awards in recognition of their outstanding performances in policing their areas of command.

The awards were jointly dished out to the two gallant police bosses by the Lumley Local Police Partnership Board (LPPB), Chiefs, Religious Leaders and Community Members on Wednesday 22nd December 2010 at the Freetown Supermarket Building, Wilkinson Road Freetown.


Chairman for the Lumley Local Police Partnership Board, Alhaji Issa Katco revealed that they were pleased to honour the Goderich Police Boss for his display of professionalism and commitment to duty during his tenure as LUC for the Lumley Division.


Alhaji Katco explained that Lumley was notable for major crimes and violence prior to the appointment of LUC Kabba Kamara to that area.


“There were certain areas in the Lumley vicinity that were known as no go areas as a result of heinous crimes that were been perpetrated there,” he said, adding that LUC Kabba Kamara was able to free those areas. “People are now free to walk anywhere in Lumley without the fear of being attacked by criminals. This is as a result of the efforts of Kabba Kamara,” he stressed.


Mr. Katco called on the new LUC, Tamba M. Lahai, to emulate the good work of his predecessor.


Similar sentiments were raised about the good work of LUC Lahai since he took up office recently.


Accepting the award, Chief Superintendent Alhaji Gibril Kabba Kamara thanked the LPPB and partners for recognizing his effort in making the Lumley community free of crime. “Since I joined the SLP several years ago, this is the first time for communities to honour LUCs when they are transferred to other areas,” he said.


He further thanked the LPPB for all the support he received from it during his tenure.

He however used the forum as an opportunity to appeal to the board and community people to replicate the same support he enjoyed to his successor.

For him, Chief Superintendent Tamba M. Lahai expressed satisfaction that his predecessor’s efforts are being recognized.

He promised to continue the good work started by LUC Kabba Kamara.

One of the key responsibilities in the SLP, he went on, is the protection of lives and properties. He promised that he will do all in his powers to live up to that mandate.

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