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If SLPP's Kelfala Kallon cannot even read and understand what he reads...
Dec 29, 2010, 15:19

One of our junior reporters has been assigned the task of responding to the latest nonsense from the SLPP's Kelfala Kallon in which he seeks to respond to an article of Sylvia Blyden in which the following is an extract: (written in green ink in order to get Kelfala Kallon to better read it):- ...Finally, I wonder whose name(s) have been inked out with XXXXXXXXX in the document. Going by the loads of SECRET U.N. CABLES currently leaked to me and now in my possession, safely stored at a secured location, I have a very, very fair idea of whom is the person whose identity has been XXX out by Wikileaks before publication. The suspect is an utterly pathetic case and the sooner this country realises how much that female C.I.A. spy has destroyed good people with the rubbish she transmits to her handlers, the better. Nuff said! [CLICK THE FOLLOWING WEB-LINK TO READ WHAT HAS GOTTEN KELFALA KALLON ALL UP IN A TWIST AND HOW KALLON IS EXPOSING HOW HE BADLY NEEDS TO REPLACE HIS READING GLASSES]

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