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By Awareness Times
Dec 30, 2010, 17:40

Paul  Kamara Gives Two Weeks Ultimatum to SLFA

Newly appointed Youth Employment & Sports Minister of Sierra Leone, Mr. Paul Kamara, has given a two weeks ultimatum to the Sierra Leone Football Association (SLFA) to “remedy” their “illegal” act of transforming the body into a corporate entity some eight years ago.

Speaking to journalists, Paul Kamara affirmed that there were many maladies which occurred in practise of local football over the past eight to ten years which he was determined to rectify so as to get the country back on the map insofar as football was concerned. Mr. Paul Kamara reminded that when he worked with the NPRC Military Government, the country had won two ZoneII football tournaments and qualified for African Nations Cup tournaments. He promised to take the country back to those days. Kamara also promised to lift up the physical and spiritual well-being of the youths of Sierra Leone.


Morgan Heritage Suffers Big Flop in Sierra Leone

Jamaica music stars Morgan Heritage have spent two days thrilling a virtually empty National Stadium in Sierra Leone to their fine rendition of music. Although Morgan Heritage is a well loved musical group in Sierra Leone, their tens of thousands of fans boycotted the National Stadium event organised by the ruling All Peoples Congress as a mark of their displeasure against the Government banning Sierra Leonean musicians from hosting musical shows but going ahead to allow Morgan Heritage to perform.

“This is an insult by the APC Mayor and the APC Government to ban Sierra Leonean musicians and allow a foreigner to perform,” said a fan of Baw Wow Society, one of the local musicians who estimate their losses from the ban to be at US$35,000.

Baw Wow Society is however lucky as they only lost US$35,000. Unconfirmed but credible information is that the Freetown City Council is now indebted to the tune of well over US$200,000 as a result of the Morgan Heritage show going flop with calls from sections of the society for the Anti Corruption Commission to step in and investigate the rationale behind such a whopping loss of taxpayer’s funds by the City Council.


John Benjamin Returns to Freetown from Buedu

John Oponjo Benjamin, the Leader of Sierra Leone’s main opposition party has returned to Freetown yesterday after spending Christmas with the people of Buedu in Kissi Tongi Chiefdom of Kailahun District. Speaking to Awareness Times this afternoon at the party offices, Mr. Benjamin described the trip to Buedu by his high-powered SLPP delegation as “very, very satisfactory”.

Benjamin confirmed his delegation held closed door talks with the Kissi Tongi Paramount Chief who has assured the SLPP that notwithstanding the contents of the widely disseminated letter last week, the SLPP has always been welcomed in Kissi Tongi and will continue to be welcomed in the Chiefdom. More details of the persons and motives behind the letter will be released soon when this newspaper returns back from our news break.



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