From Awareness Times Newspaper in Freetown

Late Sierra Leone President's Son Gets Bitten & Locks Cut off for Defecting to SLPP
By Mohamed Kamara
Jan 11, 2011, 17:18

The eldest son of former APC President Joseph Saidu Momoh, Mr. Alfred Momoh, who defected to the opposition SLPP a few months ago, has reportedly been viciously attacked and beaten up at his residence by a gang of hoodlums led by one Alimamy; all alleged to be members of the ruling APC. The gang used not only their hands but also used their teeth as weapons.


According to the victim who spoke to the SLPP Unity Newspaper, on December 30th 2010 at around 7am in the morning, the intruders broke into his compound and used unprintable language on him whilst also saying "You are a betrayer who left your father's party to join the SLPP".


Mr. Alfred Momoh reportedly showed scars on his body to the Unity Press indicating he was mercilessly beaten up. According to him, he was bitten with teeth on his back and his well-known lengthy rastafarian locks hair was cut off his head with a knife by the intruders who promised to come back and give him even worse treatment for "betraying" his father's name by leaving his fathers party the APC.


Meanwhile, the Police have confirmed to Awareness Times that they received the complaint by Alfred Momoh and issued him with a Medical Form. Police Officers say they are investigating the incident whilst Mr. Momoh has assured that his allegiance to the SLPP is unshakeable.


Speaking in the Creole parlance when contacted by Awareness Times, Alfred Momoh angrily remarked, APC dem only dey talk bot road and shabe tent wae people dem dey die with hunger? [TRANSLATED: The APC is busy only talking about roads and sharing tents out when people are dying of hunger?].


Alfred Momoh says the APC was "just too full of lies" for his comfort and so he preferred to be in the SLPP. According to him, every man has the right to his own destiny and his late fathers destiny does not have to be his own.

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