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Maada Bio Camp Wants to Write? Leh Wi Write... Leh Wi Write...
By Sylvia Olayinka Blyden
Jan 18, 2011, 17:08

Mr. Julius Maada Bio has an interesting set of Public Relations Advisers. They seem to believe that the best way to help Bio’s chances of clinching the SLPP Flagbearer position is for him to remain un-remorseful of him and his supporters’ misdeeds. The Maada Bio Camp antagonises the Media and also publicly insults the SLPP National Executive not even sparing the National Leader. But who will be surprised at such treacherous treatment to their Leader given the antecedent of Maada Bio?

Bio’s Public Relations handlers are interesting. If the Bio Camp is not REFUSING to swiftly issue out a Press Statement distancing Maada from violent acts and Djamba-habit of his supporters, they are instead running to local tabloids to make up stories against Sylvia Blyden and Awareness Times newspaper like one Rex Bonapha did in last week Thursday January 13th 2011 edition of David Tam-Baryoh’s PUNCH NEWSPAPER.

Well, for every puny literary effort of Maada Bio’s lads like Rex Bonapha, I can launch the kind of rebuttal that would make them look on in wonder.

There is so, so much to write about Mr. Maada Bio. So Much! My articles of yesterday in reaction to Rex Bonapha’s childish display launched at me inside PUNCH NEWSPAPER last week should be a lesson to them if they are smart.  In case they missed yesterday’s articles, I have reproduced them again today.

After our edition yesterday, Maada’s lads were going from press-house to press-house trying to peddle more tales about SLPP Executive Members now being a part of this Newspaper’s Editorial team. They want press-houses to write that certain SLPP Executive members possess the ability to influence what comes out in Awareness Times but they want to be quoted anonymously because they are scared little sissies and small-minded yellow-bellied cowards. They are not men enough to use their real names. Cowards! Ha ha!

What they should know is that whilst I will never respond to ghosts and cowards wearing masks, I possess a God-given ability to not only defend against war of words launch at me but to launch fiery war of words back at the source of such attacks.

ing to one of the press-houses they contacted yesterday, the Maada Bio Camp intends to go into my private life. Fine! No problem there. We all have our private lives. The implication though is that if they try that, it just means that we will also now go into the private life of Mr. Maada Bio. And that will be juicy, juicy and juicy!!! It is now the whole world will know who travelled from France a few years ago to unexpectedly arrive at his home in Virginia, USA and meet a fascinating debacle... And so much more!!!!

Leh wi write... Leh wi write... We go see oodat first go stop.

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