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In Sierra Leone, Over the Vile Threats &Violence; meted out to two Awareness Times Journalists, Maada Bio Dragged to Court Soon
Feb 11, 2011, 15:50

Despite attempts to get Mr. Maada Bio, one of 19 presidential aspirants of Sierra Leone Peoples Party to distance himself publicly from the beating up of a local journalist by his known supporters, it is now 8 weeks since the incident and Mr. Bio is still recalcitrant thus serving as proof that he endorses the beating up of Bampia James Bundu.

What makes recalcitrant stance more troubling is the beating up of Bundu now appears to be a Conspiracy that involves Maada Bio himself as the beating had followed a phone call Bio himself had personally made to threaten one of the  young Editors of this newspaper with what he had said was his “large following” after this newspaper published an Opinion he disliked.

Maada Bio: At Law Courts, there will be no Umaru Fofana to protect your Violence report

However, due to Bio’s suspect connections with SLAJ President Umaru Fofana, a committee that investigated the violence & threats have had their report held in secret.

Well, secret report or not, indications are that finishing touches are being put to plans to have Maada Bio himself as well as his thugs who beat up our journalist  arraigned in front of a Law Court any day from now.

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