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Leonis Golley Morgan: Sierra Leone’s youngest Presidential Aspirant for the 2007 Elections
By Awareness Times
Feb 23, 2006, 09:12

When the time came to deliver the children of Israel from the wicked enslavement of Egypt and Pharaoh, God used the aged Prophet, Moses, to deliver them.

Leonis Golley Morgan

In the same way, when it was time to march the children of Israel (people of Sierra Leone) into the land of Canaan via the Jordon River, God used the young militant, Joshua.

Since childhood, anyone who has got the opportunity to get chase to Leonis Golley Morgan gets to see in him the following, creativity, joy, intelligence, team spirit, humility, a sense of justice, goodness, and liberality. For those who knew him from his school days at the Great St. Edward’s Secondary School, it was obvious that this young man was born to rule and deliver Sierra Leone from its current predicament.

Born of an affluent family, yet deprived of the joys of childhood, Leonis, a creole by tribe with a kroo mother (Miss Hannah Morris of APC fame), grew up in the provinces.

It’s funny, but in the province, Leonis have far more popularity than in Freetown where even the deaf, dumb and blind has benefited from his good works.

Leonis holds a B.Sc (Hons) degree in Geology from FBC, where like a lion he braved through all odds and proceeded for a master’s degree sponsored by the late retired Major Abu Noah’s of the Mount Everest security and Publishing fame.

Presently, Leonis is pursuing a PhD degree in sociology.

People who have had the opportunity of interacting with him see him as a genius because of his moral and educational dispositions.

He is always a shining student.

This young man called Leonis has contributed immensely in his own small way to the socio/economic development of the country. As a young man, Leonis has invested a lot of his time doing social works.

Firstly, he is a staunch man of God who devotes most of his time praying for the prosperity of Sierra Leone.

His sense of nationalism and patriotism is such that he always yearns to play his own part in the development drive of the country.

He has been one of the most vibrant activists against corruption in the present Tejan Kabbah led government.

He was once arrested at the instance of the Attorney General and Minister of Justice for his radical stance on issues bothering on the survival of the nation.

Leonis is the Founder and Executive Director of the Barnabas Foundation for the Needy.

The Barnabas Foundation has assisted many poor and needy children in the pursuit of their educational careers.

Leonis has worked in partnership with a number of institutions including the Special Court for Sierra Leone, the National Commission for Social Action (NaCSA), and the HIV/AIDS Secretariat, to name but afew.

Leonis has won a number of awards to his credit.

One of such awards includes the National Children of Excellence Award 2004. As part of his passion for children, over 70 children from across the country were one time hosted by Leonis and his wife at their residence at Murray Town.

Throughout their stay with the couple, the children were well taken care of both in terms of food, shelter and recreation.

One person who has shown appreciation to Leonis’ passion for children is the Minister of Gender, Social Welfare and Children Affairs, Mrs. Shirley Gbujama.

Leonis happens to be strongly associated with the Al-Sankoh led National Youth Coalition.

He has been in touch with key musical talents including Emerson Bockarie, Daddy Saj, Pupa Baja and the Baw Baw Society, to name a few.

Leonis has also made his name among the security forces including the Republic of Sierra Leone Armed Forces where he is commonly referred to as Senior Ambush Commander, and the Sierra Leone Prison Services were he delivers lectures.

The coming into politics by Leonis is seen by many as a divine call. His proposed party is called the Grand Armageddon Frontline Party.

The party colour is white, signifying peace, prosperity and security.

The party’s symbol is the Alsatian Dog, and the slogan is "E do so bo".

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