From Awareness Times Newspaper in Freetown

On Male Politiciansí Underwear : IMC Contravenes Section 27 of Constitution
By Dr. Sylvia Olayinka Blyden
Feb 24, 2011, 17:29

Independent Media Commission should appraise itself of Sections 27(2) and 27(3) of the Sierra Leone Constitution which states that no person, because of his political opinions, shall be treated in a discriminatory manner by any person performing the functions of any public office or any public authority. In other words, the Independent Media Commission should not find it acceptable for a publication emanating from APC strongwoman Madam Arabella Foray's office yesterday February 23rd 2011 to repeat article about the possibility of Sierra Leoneís Opposition Leader arriving at a clearly identified female journalistís house (yours truly) dressed in white underwear but find it unacceptable for journalists to then ask what could be the color of the Ruling Party Leader's underwear when he visits his party stalwarts. That is discrimination contrary to Section 27 of our Constitution.

To make matters worse, whilst the publication repeated from Arabella Forayís office yesterday about John Benjaminís underwear, clearly has pornographic and sexual undertone intent by linking a man (the Opposition Leader) and a woman (this News Publisher), the latter article by Awareness Times, for which Justice Minister Frank Kargbo is busy making a mockery of himself, has no such undertones. Absolutely no woman has been linked to the ruling APC party Leaderís underwear or identified in that article.

From the way I see things, my humble submission is that IMC should be more seriously concerned with ĎKoromaismí underwear publication from Madam Arabella Forayís office than with the other publication from Awareness Times UNLESS IMC is bent on contravening Section 27 of the National Constitution by their discriminating against Opposition Leader in favour of the Ruling APC party Leader because of political reasons.


If it is acceptable in Contemporary Sierra Leone for the IMC and the State at large, under the presidency of Ernest Bai Koroma, to turn a blind eye to pro-Koroma columnists writing about male politiciansí underwear, then I do not see what the hullabaloo is all about over the questioning of what could be the color of the ruling party Leaderís underwear? Is John Benjamin a male politician? YES. Is Ernest Koroma a male politician? YES! Is it okay for a publication to emanate from APC strongwoman Madam Arabella Forayís office written by Mohamed ĎKoromaismí Sankoh about John Benjaminís underwear? It seems so as the IMC is silently acquiescent of it. No Press Release has been issued yesterday by the ďindependentĒ IMC against the publication originating from Arabella Forayís office yesterday about John Benjaminís underwears.

So, the IMC should answer why is it okay to write about SLPP Leaderís underwear but it is not okay to ask what is the color of the APC Leaderís underwear? This discrimination by the IMC, a public body, is contrary to Section 27(2) and 27(3) of our National Constitution. It is a disgrace and it should stop.

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