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In Sierra Leone, Sylvia Blyden Thrills ‘Monologue’ Listeners
By Mohamed Kamara
Apr 13, 2011, 17:18

The brief radio discussion between the Publisher of the Awareness Times, Dr. Sylvia Olayinka Blyden and veteran journalist, David Tam-Baryoh last Saturday April 9th 2011, which was repeated again on Sunday April 10th 2011, has left SLPP members all over the entire country in a state of excited readiness for the full blown live telephone interview to be conducted between Tam-Baryoh and Blyden this coming Saturday.

To those listeners who had never listened to Sylvia Blyden handling a live discussion on a controversial topic, it was a thrilling experience, but to those who had listened in the past, as Sylvia Blyden’s oratorical skills brought down masters of oratory like current Information Minister I.B. Kargbo, during heated 2007 Debates on Criminal Libel, it was simply “vintage Sylvia Blyden”.

The issue under review was the resignation of former SLPP Publicity Secretary Hon. Musa Tamba Sam, who had, according to SLPP members writing to commend Awareness Times, “made the mistake of citing Awareness Times publications about retired Lieutenant Maada Bio as one of the reasons for his resignation”.

Tam-Baryoh had asked Sylvia Blyden in his appetiser interview whether the SLPP was not “a crashing train in slow motion” which was “looking for an excuse in the person of Sylvia Blyden as the reason for why their party has crashed”.

It was in response to this question that Sylvia Blyden thrilled her SLPP-supporting listeners when she unequivocally stated that the SLPP of Sir Milton Margai, Constance Cummings-John, Bai Farama Tas, Lamina Sankoh and others had lasted for 60 years and a tradition spanning sixty years will “never crash” because of what she termed as the violent antics of a miscreant retired Lieutenant trying to give the SLPP a bad nam”.

Sylvia Blyden insisted over the airwaves that, in her opinion, the vast majority of SLPP members were in regular touch with her and were commending her articles. She said SLPP members from all over the country who have contacted her have expressed full support of the leadership of John Benjamin.

She described the resigned Publicity Secretary as a man who did not heed the advise of John Benjamin for Executive members not to take sides in the ongoing flagbearer aspirant contest so as not to repeat the fall-out from former SLPP Leader Tejan Kabbah’s unhidden support for Solomon Berewa to succeed him as SLPP Leader.

According to Blyden, the SLPP is an essential ingredient of Sierra Leone’s current multi-party democracy and so she opined that SLPP will stand firmly through the current attempts by a misguided few to bring the party into a reputation of Violence, Djamba-smoking and Lawlessness.

From the numerous excited calls and text messages to this office last weekend, it is clear that many people are going to be glued to their radios this weekend to listen to the full-blown live interview by Tam-Baryoh of Sylvia Blyden on the issue of certain developments within the SLPP for which Awareness Times and its Publisher have been referenced.

According to Sylvia Blyden, it will be “Revelation Time” on Saturday April 16th 2011.

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