From Awareness Times Newspaper in Freetown

Kadi, Maada & Philip: Why this Trio?
By Dr. Sylvia Olayinka Blyden
Apr 21, 2011, 17:18

What would cause a woman with reported links to the late Bambay Kamara such as Dr. Kadi Sesay, to team up with a man like Maada Bio who has confessed to have witnessed the brutal torture of the murdered Bambay Kamara and others during which extra-judicial murderous processes, their ears were sliced off?

Why will such a team (Kadi Sesay & Maada Bio) enjoy the undiluted blessings of a journalist like Philip Neville who is an important component of the success of the current President Koroma incumbency?

Why will a journalist like Neville who so badly wished to see the death of the SLPP Government in 2007, that he did not hesitate to manufacture up Libyan Rice stories, suddenly become the Chief proponent of SLPP’s Kadi Sesay and Maada Bio?

Why are pro-APC media outlets and Philip Neville of Standard Times for the meantime, carefully avoiding all mention of Kadi Sesay’s name in the infamous Donor Funds embezzlement saga that saw current APC Deputy Finance Minister Momodu Kargbo ‘unfairly’ shown the exit door during the SLPP tenure of Kadi Sesay as Minister?

Why will the same Standard Times newspaper, which just a few months ago ran several front page articles in favour of an Inquest into Bambay Kamara’s murder, suddenly become the chief promoter of Maada Bio’s candidacy as SLPP Flagbearer when the matter of the Bambay Kamara Inquest still hovers in the air?

The answer to all these questions will be out at the end of the Easter & Independence Holidays. Just trust Awareness Times for the hard-hitting revealing articles. No pornographic based lies or intimidation will deter this writer. Everyone knows that by now.(SMILE).

Meanwhile, can I assure all readers that during the entire time I spent in America, I never stayed at Gaithersburg, Maryland. Let it further be known that, out of my own choice, I have never lived or co-habited with a man either as his ‘parlour wife’ or as anything else.

Importantly also, it is a fact that anyone who knows my Dad will confirm that I am the spitting physical image of my father, Edward Babatunde Blyden whose activist Blyden genes I richly inherited. I was born on 1st October 1971 to Mr. & Mrs. Babatunde Blyden who got married on November 30th 1968.

Can I also inform that in my forty years on this earth, I have NEVER failed an Academic Examination from primary school to post-graduate, Proficiency is all I was associated with. Not only did I pass all my ECFMG/USMLE medical exams in America with flying colours (at first sittings) but there is an official document from the Medical University of South Carolina sent to the College of Medicine in Sierra Leone in 1995 stating that I was ranked amongst the TOP 10% of Final Year Medical Students in America. I may be many things but one thing I will never be, even in the wildest dreams of my detractors, is an academic failure. Only a fool will doubt the intellectual capacity of Dr. Sylvia Olayinka Blyden.

As for poor John Benjamin, how I feel his pains. The gratitude a handful of his SLPP members are giving to the poor man for his selfless service to them is by manufacturing stories aimed at causing marital problems for him. They have no money to give him in return for his service to them and now they subject him to psychological and emotional trauma of the WORST kind! Some people are evil in the way they pursue their political ambitions!! Sometimes, I really wonder at what kind of conscience lies inside the bosom of people like Dr. Kadi Sesay? Politics and the Lust for Power can really bring out the worst in people previously considered as Role Models to many. May God have mercy on those lying detractors of John Benjamin. Such ingratitude is amazing!

Such ongoing ingratitude by certain SLPP members and not only exhibited to John Benjamin but to others like the young journalists of Awareness Times, makes it so clear that the spectre of late Chief Hinga Norman that haunted the SLPP, has still not fully dawned on certain SLPP members. Let us pray for them.

Anyway, Happy Easter to all readers and Happy Independence Celebrations in advance. You will read my next piece after the long holidays. May God bless, guide and protect us all. Amen.

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