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Maada Bio’s Gang Unleash More Violence in Bo
By Sylvia Blyden & Abdul Fonti
May 16, 2011, 12:42

Kanja Sesay: Named
Supporters of retired Lieutenant Maada Bio, one of the aspirants in the flagbearer contest of the main opposition Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP), have been caught again in another of the now-regular violence scandal surrounding the aspirant.

The unpalatable reports of his phone threats and of his supporters penchant for beatings, stabbings and stoning of vehicles is nothing new now to most Sierra Leoneans. So it was not a surprise to many observers to monitor reports from the southern city of Bo which indicate that the latest victim of the Maada Bio supporters’ violence is Mohamed Jabbi, former Bo District Public Relations Officer (PRO) of the SLPP.

Over the Easter Break, at the ‘AFTER WORK’ night club, well known supporters of Maada Bio reportedly approached Jabbi, and threatened to unleash mayhem against him on flimsy grounds that they overheard Jabbi making sarcastic comments as Maada Bio passed him to enter the nightclub. Two very reliable sources at the night club, who preferred not to be named because of family reasons, confided in the Awareness Times that Maada Bio was not only at the said night club during the attack, but that he was actually accompanied by the attackers to the nightclub in a four-vehicle convoy similar to what used to obtain during the NPRC military junta days.

Two days later at the ‘BLACK & WHITE’ nightclub also located in Bo, Mohamed Jabbi told the Awareness Times in an interview, that he was again physically attacked by supporters of Maada Bio using the same allegations of Jabbi being against Maada Bio. Jabbi claims that his attempt to draw the attention of one of the senior police officers in the district who was present at the scene, proved useless, as according to him, the officer told him that he was “not on duty” and so he will “not intervene in SLPP versus SLPP politics”.

Jabbi however later reported both attacks on him to the police, but the violent behaviour that was to be perpetrated by the Maada Bio supporters right in the police station precinct remain a puzzle to many. This Police Station riotous conduct will be elaborated on some more in our subsequent editions during which we will reveal how the Maada Bio supporters led by Alhaji Kanja Sesay, Bo District Chairman and Hon. Rado Yoki stormed the office of the CID Crime Officer, Assistant Superintendent John Sesay and left only after there had been chaotic actions leading to a damaging of the office’s standing fan and scattering of other valuable documents.

Other riotous Maada Bio supporters are said to have besieged the Bo Police Station with threats to unleash harm on anyone that resisted their actions. According to Bo District Police’s Local Unit Commander, Chief Superintendent Aiah Senessie, it took his professionalism to ensure the whole of Bo was not engulfed into a riotous situation sparked off by the SLPP supporters. He blamed ASP John Sesay for encouraging such a large crowd of SLPP belligerents inside the Police Office.

LUC Senessie however insisted that contrary to the bitter complaint from Jabbi that the police was treating Jabbi’s complaints with carelessness, the police was taking Jabbi’s complaints against the Maada Bio supporters seriously but he said they had not been able to locate the alleged perpetrators so far even though the LUC had even assigned his own personal vehicle to trace the Maada Bio supporters but all to no avail.

For Jabbi, he tells Awareness Times that because the police in Bo continue to drag its feet in investigating the attacks and threats on his wellbeing, he continues to live under constant threats of physical assaults by supporters of both Kanja Sesay and Maada Bio.

Attempts to get Kanja Sesay on the phone proved futile whilst John Tucker, National Campaign Coordinator for the Maada Bio Campaign confirmed that Maada Bio was in Bo at the time but denied any knowledge of such violence either at the Police Station or at any Nightclub.

“This is all news to me but is it the same Jabbi again? This same Jabbi man is complaining Maada Bio again? It looks suspicious but I will investigate the issue and get back to you,” John Tucker promised.

In a subsequent edition, we will hopefully have been able to get the side of Alhaji Kanja Sesay following which we will report on the secret tape recording of the violent events inside ASP John Sesay’s office. The report of the taped recording of Kanja Sesay, Mohamed Jabbi, Hon. Rado Yoki and other person’s voices will cover allegations of a missing pregnant goat and allegations of secret ritualistic practices and stolen Government property from the SLPP Government days and missing household chairs.

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