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Press Release : Peter Kuyembeh’s dismissal from the Sierra Leone Embassy in Brussels
Jun 17, 2011, 17:04

The attention of Ambassador Dr. Christian Sheka Kargbo has been drawn to misleading local and online newspaper reports centred on the Termination of Service of Mr. Peter J. Kuyembeh, Administrative Officer at the Sierra Leone Embassy in Brussels.

For the reading public to get a clearer picture on what lead to such an action, Ambassador Dr. Christian Sheka Kargbo wishes to state thus;

“I dismissed Mr. Peter Kuyembeh for insubordination and attempts to stir Anti-Government riots in my areas of accreditation during the last visit of His Excellency the President.

“Mr. Kuyembeh has been working closely with some MOLES in the mission and other parts of Europe in an attempt to derail the good efforts of the President and the Government of Sierra Leone.

“I received complaints from Pro-Government supporters, The Hon. Minister of Information and Communications and the Director of OGI. I accepted responsibility because I employed him and promised to take care of the situation.

“I called Mr. Kuyembeh and warned him to either desist from such activities or he will stand the chance of losing his job. Complaints continued coming from Pro-Government supporters about his negative activities, so I terminated him.

“I gave him three (3) months pay at the end of his contract period and then asked him to handover all office properties (keys and every official items in his possession) which he has still not done.

“I then served him a reminder of his deadline to quit, which I gave my Confidential Secretary to deliver to him.  When she tried to do so, she was faced with insults from him. He refused to sign and receive the letter and then called me on phone to say that if I do not stop what I was doing, he will kill me.

“I then called him into my office inorder to find out the reason for his unruly behaviour. On arrival at my office, he straight away jumped, pushed, insulted and brandished a knife and threatened to kill me for the second time.

“Left with no other alternative and scared for my life, I had to go to the police for protection.

“ I had in the past spoken and written letters to the Director General about my observations at the Mission. This Mission is flocked with Anti-Government Operators. Until all of them are removed, the purpose for which we are sent out here will NEVER be achieved. They have a fixed mindset. No matter what we do or say makes no difference. I have been saddled with them for over three (3) years now and I know them all”.

Chernor Ojuku Sesay,
Information Attache,
Sierra Leone Embassy,

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