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In Sierra Leone, Moyamba Police Accused of Aiding Criminals
By Aruna Turay
Sep 7, 2011, 17:08

The Police in Moyamba District have been accused of aiding and abetting criminals in the district.  This startling accusation was made by the former Town Chief of Sembehun, Bagruwa Chiefdom in Moyamba District Chief Joe Kain-Stephens.


Speaking to the Awareness Times over the weekend, Chief Kain-Stephens disclosed that the Moyamba police have been engaging in dubious activities such as releasing hardcore criminals from prisons even before the completion of their jail terms.


Chief Kain-Stephens, who is presently serving suspension from his post, said a good number of criminals have been released by the police without any tangible explanation. Some of the criminals were set free even without being tried or detained. The victims of these criminals have continued to wonder what is amiss in the police force in Moyamba, Chief Kain-Stephens noted.

Suspended Chief Kain-Stephens wants effective policing


Chief Kain-Stephens cited an instance when a six year old girl was sexually assaulted by the Section Chief of Sembehun. He said the sixty-year-old man invited the unsuspecting girl into his bedroom and raped her thus deflowering the teenage girl.


The aggrieved Chief said the Section Chief was arrested and surprisingly he was released by the police without even obtaining statements from him or the victimised girl. He noted that the Section Chief is presently roaming the district as a freeman, while the innocent poor girl has been denied her right to get justice.


Chief Kain-Stephen further highlighted mysterious murders, kidnappings of children, arsons, attempted arsons, rapes, gang rapes that continue to take place in the district. Yet, the Moyamba police have turned a blind eye to all these crimes.


When the Awareness Times contacted the outgoing Moyamba Police Station Local Unit Commander, Chief Superintendent of Police (CSP) S.P. Kamara, he wasted no time in debunking some of the allegations levied by Chief Kain-Stephens.

CSP Kamara, who spoke to this newspaper in Freetown, however confirmed that the Crime Department of the Moyamba Police Station has been treating some important matters with lethargy. The Crime Department has been careless on several occasions to follow up matters and punish accused persons, the CSP Kamara disclosed. 

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