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Stinking Journalism versus Journalism with Integrity in Sierra Leone
By Awareness Times Editorial Board
Oct 3, 2011, 00:00

The Global Times newspaper last Friday wrote of how Journalism stinks whilst referencing our Publisher! They wrote a lot of rubbish and did their infamous trademark of conjuring up stories of what never happened in the past.

However, whilst they are busy writing of their stench, Global Times is still failing to retract and apologise over their published front page malicious allegation that a Presidential Police Bodyguard has been arrested as a suspect in the alleged assassination of opposition presidential contender, Julius Maada Bio.

This Global Times published defamatory article was timed when the President was at the United Nations and it was published all over the world via the Internet. It followed a similarly 'stinking' piece of journalism alleging diplomats had told them President Koroma was going to be embarrassed at the U.N. by world leaders because of mal-handling violence! Global Times have so far shown no remorse or regret despite being shown to be malicious liars.

Instead, they are now trying to question the integrity of someone like Dr. Sylvia Olayinka Blyden, who has more integrity in her little finger than the entire lying team of Global Times have in their entire bodies.

Global Times alleges they possess a copy of the Shears-Moses Report and laments Sylvia Blyden has not commented on what they have in their possession. Now, if they take a careful look at what they are calling the Shears-Moses report including mistakes and errors therein as well as bottom of Page 21 and its continuation into Page 22, they will realise it was a rough draft that had not yet been finalised. It is not the final version that was handed over which is why the places for signatures bear nobody‘s signature on them! How can any serious journalist comment on an unsigned and unauthenticated 'leaked report' like that? Only stinking journalists will do so!

Meanwhile, the whole world knows who it was who, immediately after the Bo incident on Friday 9th September 2011, made the very first call for the Shears-Moses Report to be released at a time when people did not even know who was Shears-Moses.

Dr. Sylvia Blyden was the first Sierra Leonean to go over National TV that same weekend (Saturday 10th Sept 2011) and make a call for the Shears-Moses Report to be released and implemented. The very next edition of Awareness Times after the weekend incident (Monday 12/09/11) had her position reiterated therein.

Dr. Sylvia Blyden has more Integrity in her little finger than the whole team at Global Times have in their whole bodies. Whilst they publish Stinking Journalism like sewer rats, we practise decent journalism with integrity. It is unfortunate that Sorie Fofana and his team-mate Lans Gberie, keep on linking up with U.N.’s Schulenburg even as they cite western diplomats frivolously - like the diplomats Global Times allege to have expected Koroma to be embarrassed at the U.N.

Sadly for Schulenburg, if anything acted as final nail in Mr. Schulenburg’s credibility’s coffin, it was the recent article(s) by Lans Gberie and Sorie Fofana’s paper. They have helped to sink Mr. Schulenburg’s credibility far more than even UDM’s Political Leader Mohamed Bangura ever did at the United Nations!

Meanwhile, let Global Times read on and educate themselves on Journalism with Integrity below as against their professed Stinking Journalism!


By Awareness Times - Sunday Sep 11, 2011: ...The programme in which the video shots of Maada Bio were aired was that of the Publisher of Awareness Times giving her analysis to the Nation of what happened in Bo. It was a Live Discussion programme. At the end of the Discussion, Dr. Blyden has made three summarised points to the people of Sierra Leone.

Firstly that the Government and Police are continuing to show a limited understanding of the seriousness of what is brewing in the political landscape.

Secondly, that Julius Maada Bio has showed a worrying lack of leadership by failing to make a Statement to the Nation, well over 48 hours since arson, murder and extreme violence rocked Bo City in reaction to events surrounding his very person. She opines that Silence means Acquiescence.

Finally, Dr. Blyden has made a call for President Koroma to release the Report of the Shears-Moses Commission of Enquiry into the March 2009 political violence between the APC and SLPP in Freetown, Pujehun and Kenema and for all the recommendations therein to be implemented swiftly.



Maturity of APC Leader Averts More Violence...but we now need the Shears-Moses Report

By Awareness Times Editorial Board - Monday Sep 12, 2011: ...Finally but equally importantly, the APC Leader would do very well for himself if he was to immediately release the Report of the Shears-Moses Commission of Enquiry into the Political Violence of March 2009. It is obvious the Report will have had no option but to seriously indict the APC for their violence against the SLPP back then. Despite this, the APC Leader should bite the bullet and release the Report now rather than wait until someone leaks it out to the media as an Elections Campaign tool few days before next years election.

Delaying to release that report which is widely rumoured to have indicted the APC for the violence against the SLPP in March 2009 and which is also widely rumoured to have recommended the immediate removal of Musa Tarawalie from the corridors of governance, is counter-productive to the emerging face of matured leadership of President Koroma that many Sierra Leoneans admired and applauded this weekend.

Mr. President, Section 149.(2) of the Sierra Leone constitution demands of you to release that Report within 6 months of it being handed over to you. It is now over one year since it was handed to you and citizens still do not know what lessons we should learn from political violence of March 2009 to ensure it never recurs. Lack of knowledge of such lessons that are currently hidden, can be cited as an excuse for political violence by the SLPP. What moral ground will this Nation have to deal with the SLPPs violence against APC in Bo when the Shears Moses Commission report is yet to be made public?


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