From Awareness Times Newspaper in Freetown

Lets Share the Good and Bad Times Together!
Oct 14, 2011, 17:18

What makes a people or nation great is the habitual sharing of the good times and bad times together irrespective of race, creed, religion, regional or political affiliations. Sierra Leone of yester years used to have such good characteristics but it is dwindling fast today! 


In the 21st century, at a time when Sierra Leone is happily moving towards new technologies, our country seems so divided on political and tribal lines that many Sierra Leoneans no longer like to share good things with their compatriots. Our forefathers taught us that good news for one Sierra Leonean must be good news for another Sierra Leonean.


Unfortunately, we have sadly discovered quite the opposite for mere political gimmicks. On Monday, Sierra Leone made history by landing the Fibre Optic Cable, a new technology that will benefit the country for years to come. The broad smile on the faces of those who witnessed the landing at Lumley was succinct but not every Sierra Leonean is happy!

We at Awareness Times will not hide our joy for the arrival of this new technology gadget. This is a Big Thank You for President Ernest Koroma and his government and all the internal and external stakeholders who made the arrival of the Fibre Optic Cable possible. Our Thank You does not have any political undertone. Its purely for nationalistic development!


President Koroma told the gathering at the Lumley Beach Bar on Monday October 10, 2011, after the Fibre Optic Cable had landed that the project will create job opportunities, reduce the cost of businesses, enhance good governance through transparency and accountability and more importantly the project will attract more investors. Communication professionals have always advocated that for an organisation to flourish, effective management communication strategy is needed. We believe for communication to be effective, new technologies like the Fibre Optic Cable is a must. The Optic Cable will now make Sierra Leone never to lag behind in the communication age.


The media is one industry that will benefit immensely from the Optic Cable. Surfing the net, downloading, uploading data for news websites, emailing and other forms of social networking will now improve dramatically with the Fibre Optic. The days of having snail pace internet servers in the country will soon be history. We thank you for that Ernest!


We are however disappointed that party leaders from the opposition parties were not present at Lumley when the Fibre Optic land. We believe this is wrong, unpatriotic and very partisan. A national developmental issue like this should have been embraced by all politicians. As a people, God has brought us together to live in Sierra Leone. We must not allow any one to put us asunder for petty politics!

In first world countries, the nation always comes first.


Politicians from different political parties in those countries are always present during the unveiling of any new national development, whether they are in power or not. They often bury their political differences to wine and dine for the sake of national development. We too can do it here if we put national interest above partyism!


We strongly believe the Fibre Optic Cable is an astronomical scientific development that should have brought all our political leaders together at Lumley Beach that historic day. We can share the good and bad news together. Cant we?

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