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Theo Nicol’s Vicious Attack on APC Chairlady
By Dr. Sylvia Olayinka Blyden
Oct 17, 2011, 13:02

Our brother Theo Nicol of AYV Magazine is regarded as a fine journalist. I do not always agree with him but I have never been disgusted with him. Over time, I have built up high respect for him. When owners of AYV Magazine first thought of utilising his editorial skills, they sought my opinion. I gave a glowing endorsement of him! I respected him so much!

All this respect I used to possess for Theo Nicol is on the verge of dissipating into thin air following his last Friday October 14th 2011 edition of AYV Magazine.

On Friday, I arrived back from London and was astounded not only at his front page story titled as “APC THUGS PLANNED MAADA BIO’S ATTACK” but also at his opinionated editorial titled “THESE CALLOUS APC THUGS MUST BE TAUGHT A LESSON” and his Editor’s Desk piece with title of “WONDERFUL WEEKEND” in all of which, he grossly vilified the female victim of the Bo incident, Madam Zainab Mansaray, APC Southern Region Chairlady.

I have already discussed the issue with Theo Nicol last Saturday. I trust he will go back to the Drawing Board on the issue of poor Zainab who was viciously torn apart by Theo with no factual basis for such unwarranted vilification of a female victim of a horrific experience.

In the same vein, I will also advise Theo Nicol to carefully read Page 18 of the Kelvin Lewis Report under a heading of ‘Riotous conduct 2’ and then he should further read Page 20 under heading of ‘Gunshot Wounds’ to know who was actually caught in possession of stones inside a wheelbarrow as they tried to take over the Bo Police Station and set it on fire with petrol bombs.

It certainly was NOT youths from the APC who were trying to take over Government structures in Bo city to burn them down.

Also, let Theo read Page 23 under heading of ‘Conduct of Political Parties’ to know of the stated fact that all (PMDC, SLPP & APC) party offices in Bo are used as dwelling places.

I hope Theo Nicol will now behave like the decent journalist he is and issue full apologies to APC officials especially poor Zainab Mansaray. Big brother Theo, over to you! It is time to make amends.

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