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In Sierra Leone, National Museum Launches Ultra Modern Website
By Mohamed Kanu
Nov 2, 2011, 17:10

In a bid to showcase the rich cultural heritage of Sierra Leone to the outside world, the Sierra Leone National Museum has officially launched an ultra modern website at its head office in Freetown yesterday, as part of a project called Reanimating Cultural Heritage. It was done in partnership with the UK museums, the UK Art and Humanities Research Council and the Ministry of Tourism and Cultural Affairs.


The newly launched website ( will now provide digital access of diverse collections of the Sierra Leonean culture as well as host of additional resources relating to Sierra Leoneís culture and heritage to both Sierra Leoneans and partners living home and abroad.


Minister of Tourism and Cultural Affairs Victoria Saidu Kamara


Speaking at the occasion before the official launch, the Minister of Tourism and Cultural Affairs Victoria Saidu Kamara heartily thanked the partners and officials of the Sierra Leone Museum for putting the cultural history of the country together.


She said such a development would greatly intensify the showcase project of the ďourĒ countryís cultural heritage, adding that itís high time we embark on whatever ways to improve our cultural heritage.


Minister Kamara stated that the initiation of such a social website will greatly help the media, intellectuals and the general public to properly understand the vision, dreams, and aspirations of our beloved cultural heritage especially in this 21st century.


She expressed the hope to see the manifestation of digital cultural teachings in schools in the near future especially with the arrival of the optic fibre cable recently in the country. She noted that digital education is very crucial to the future development of the Sierra Leonean culture. She finally appealed to the media to help in promoting the countryís culture.


Speaking at the ceremony, the website designer who doubles as the Director of the Project Paul Basu said the initiation of the website would help in creating a platform for cultural and informal learning in the country and noted that digitally oriented images will explain a lot about cultural images.

Mr. Basu disclosed that the website would also provide easy access to the British Museum, and other Museum around the world. He finally assured of his continual support to the Sierra Leone Museum and expressed his hope that the website will help in re-animating the Sierra Leonean culture.

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