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ADAX Energy Must be Investigated for Segregation!
Nov 3, 2011, 17:18

Sierra Leoneans have always held patriotic politicians in high esteem like the three government ministers who recently reacted against the segregated exhibition of ADAX Energy, a foreign company operating in Port Loko District.


The Awareness Times has to publicly salute these three gallant ministers for sending this clear message last Friday October 28, 2011 to all our external stakeholders, particularly ADAX Energy, that Sierra Leone does not tolerate any form of racism or segregation.


Sierra Leone should be proud of the Deputy Minister of Labour, Employment and Social Security Honourable Daniel Gaiima; Deputy Minister I of the Ministry of Agriculture Honourable Ali Badara Mansaray and Deputy Minister 2 of the Agriculture Ministry Honourable Lovell Thomas. Your hunger strike that day is commendable!


We cannot believe that 21st Century Sierra Leone would experience a South-African-apartheid-style-company in the country. This is what Deputy Minister Gaiima said after they toured ADAX Energy last week: We decided to go on hunger strike at the ADAX Energy Canteen at Kontobi in Port Loko as fellow Sierra Leone employees were facing segregation.


Why could a respected company like ADAX Energy even think of turning their company in to a segregated camp?


How long has this segregation gone on at ADAX Energy? Dividing the company in to two parts, one for White South Africans and the other for Blacks is an insult to the integrity of all Sierra Leoneans.


It is reported that the ADAX Energy management were visibly embarrassed by the strike action taken by the three government ministers. We are therefore calling on the government to investigate the activities of ADAX Energy as there is every possibility that their activities might involve more things than meets the eyes.


Every true Sierra Leonean welcomes genuine investors in the country as employment will surely improve. But to have the likes of ADAX Energy here, it only raises more doubts as to their true intentions. We will not condone any investor whose main agenda is against the welfare of Sierra Leoneans.


We only hope that the messages of dissatisfaction expressed by the three government ministers must have been well digested by ADAX Energy.  We also applaud the ministers stern stance to suspend all engagement with ADAX Energy during their visit there.


We advise the government to investigate the ADAX management to thoroughly assess the operation of the company and their terms of reference regarding the acquisition of lands and what compensation packages they have in place for the land owners.

Finally, we want the government to advise ADAX Energy to abolish the format of their office building in Makeni where segregation is very clear. One part of the building is named South Africa occupied by white employees and the other part named Sierra Leone for black employees only. Please tell ADAX Energy that that is unacceptable!

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