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Watch Sierra Leone Television Live on TV-Africa for 5 Euros/monthly
Feb 7, 2012, 17:42

To watch SLBC Television from anywhere in the world, please go to and pay the sum of less than 5 euros per month and immediately, you get to watch the same thing we are watching in Sierra Leone, LIVE. Try it.

There was a LIVE discussion programme between Government Information Minister I.B. Kargbo, SLPP's Dr. Abass Bundu, UDM's Mohamed Bangura and APC's Balogun Koroma. They were discussing the wild allegations made two days ago by Julius Maada Bio about Government supposedly arming and remobilising ex-combatants to go and intimidate the people of the South-East where houses have been supposedly rented for the ex-combatants.

From the discussions, it has emerged that the SLPP has no evidence, as at now, to substantiate the serious allegations which Julius Bio wants to be sent to the U.N. Security Council and International Criminal Court. The Government is meanwhile hinting that it is taking the matter so seriously that it might even utilise the country's SEDITIOUS LIBEL laws.

PLEASE TUNE IN AGAIN AT 7:30pm (19:30GMT) to watch the repeat. Just go to, pay the required monthly fee and immediately watch SLBC live broadcast.

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