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BBC Media Action seeks to strengthen production team in Sierra Leone (Job Opportunities)
Mar 30, 2012, 18:49

BBC Media Action is the international development agency of the BBC, using media and communications to improve peopleís lives. BBC Media Action is looking to expand its current production team to develop existing and new radio programmes in a range of formats. BBC Media Action is currently seeking 2 Producers, 2 Presenters, 2 Production Assistants and 1 Content Researcher who can demonstrate their commitment to working to the highest professional and editorial standards. Successful candidates will work on existing and/or new radio programmes that seek to create meaningful dialogue that can strengthen accountability between ordinary people and their leaders in Sierra Leone.

x2 Producers: These roles require extensive broadcast journalism and radio production experience. They will oversee all aspects of programme planning, development, recording and broadcast. They will take the day-to-day editorial decisions for the programme and ensure that the programme meets BBC editorial standards.

x2 Presenters: These roles require a combination of considerable broadcast experience and a strong journalistic instinct. They will work on all aspects of the programme development under the direction of the Producers. Experience in managing radio guests and moderating radio discussions and debates will be essential.

x1 Content Researcher: This role requires considerable print or broadcast journalism experience, and exceptional Internet research and phone communication skills. He/she will carry out in-depth research into the topics being discussed to ensure the programmes are dynamic and well balanced. He/she will also be involved in finding guests and audience members for the programmes.

x2 Production Assistants: These roles require team players with initiative and excellent communication skills. They will support all members of the production team in the planning, logistics, technical operation, and research for the programmes.

These positions come with excellent terms and conditions on a local BBC Media Action fixed-term contract. BBC Media Action offers a friendly and professional team of colleagues, plus real opportunities for career development. The positions will be based in Freetown with regular travel to the provinces. Part-time working arrangements are negotiable for the Presenter and Production Assistant positions.

To apply for this job you first need to send an email to and request a job description for the role(s) that you are interested in applying for. Please read the job description carefully. Then you need to send an up-to-date CV and a supporting letter to the same email address or in person to the BBC Media Action office at 41i Derek Drive, off Spur Road, Freetown. To be short-listed, you will need to meet all of the required specifications in the job description. Please note that only short-listed candidates will be contacted.

Final closing date for applications is 18th April 2012.

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