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Sama Banya wants Awareness Times to call Tom Nyuma a Buffoon
Apr 18, 2012, 17:17

Our March 16th - 19th Opinion reproduced today to help Dr. Sama Banya who seems not to have read it; going his persistent call for Awareness Times to describe Tom Nyuma as a ‘Buffoon’. We don’t know between Nyuma & SLPP who is more of a ‘buffoon’. Because if an ordinary ‘Buffoon’ could fool SLPP for two years, then SLPP must surely then be full of Big Double Buffoons. See below for what our Publisher has adequately expressed on the issue.

My Musings:
SLPP Angst over APC Strongman Tom Nyuma

By Dr. Sylvia Olayinka Blyden

The ruling APC party in Sierra Leone wanted Julius Maada Bio to win the main opposition SLPP flagbearer contest. APC ensured they pulled all stops to have Bio delivered on the night of July 31st 2011 unto morning of August 1st 2011. Honestly, even as we condemn cross-carpeting, can anyone blame the APC? If I were in ruling APC, out of the 19 candidates, my choice would have been Maada Bio to contest against Ernest Koroma. No brainer there!

Contrary to certain myths, I currently truly have nothing personal against Julius Maada Bio. He is my Sierra Leone brother but did the SLPP really understand what they were doing when they elected Maada Bio? They were being remote-controlled by the APC all this while and who can really blame the APC for exploiting the ‘big bookman’ weakness of the SLPP? Who wants a serious political contender in the wake of a global economic downturn that has seen rice and petrol prices shoot up around the world? In globally depressed circumstances like these, which sitting regime will want a serious opposition contender who can travel all over the world to any place on earth; who speaks eloquently and who has a squeaky clean image and a political history which will draw people to him like a magnet fully trusting him as someone into whose hands the country can be placed and no war or violence will ensue?

Can you imagine if the eloquent Engineer Andrew K. Keili had been the one facing Ernest Koroma by now? Or that pillar in the 70% Muslim population of Sierra Leone, the grassroots Mandingo hero Alhaji Usman Boie-Kamara? Right now, Koroma is sitting pretty well from my vantage point. Very little, if anything, can stop Koroma’s expected landslide second term victory at the first rounds.

With no malice for Bio, the truth is that of all the 19 candidates, the one with the biggest negative baggage was Julius Maada Bio and from a position of being in the opposition, he should never have even offered himself neither should the party have considered him.

However, the APC ensured all their implanted moles psychologically played him and his crew; they made him feel he was the answer to the SLPP’s problems – PA.O.PA with a dose of Djamba and Violence to ensure the intimidation worked. The APC also protected Bio all throughout the flagbearer campaigns; the APC Police simply turned a blind eye to all the excesses.

Even right now, the APC does not want to ruffle the Bio boat too much because they do not want the SLPP to attempt to change their presidential nominee to say, someone like Andrew Keili for example. No way. This is why APC is singing lullaby baby songs for Bio and walking on tenterhooks all around him whilst giving him soft literary jabs. But the time will soon come when it will be political rumble and tumble time.

I offer no apologies for boasting that I foresaw all of this and I did warn the SLPP but they arrogantly paid no heed and a handful of them even poured opprobrium on my head for merely expressing my speculations based on an acute sense of experience of how the national polity plays. Now some of them dare to demand for sympathy from my pen against the political ranger Tom Nyuma? No way buddies! You baked your cake. Please eat it all on your own. Do not mix my pen inside your morass.

The Tsunami of defections from the South-East has only just begun and you are crying foul? As the streetwise ones say: UNA GO LEARN! There are more shockers on the way from soon to come defections of some of the most vociferous and boisterous of Bio's supporters.

I remember when Usman Boie Kamara told me during the flagbearer campaigns that Tom Nyuma had promised he would seriously consider his request to throw his weight behind him. I responded to him that if Tom Nyuma declared for him (UBK), it will mean UBK was the choice of the APC. So when a few weeks later, UBK told me that Nyuma said he had 'consulted' and the 'people' wanted Maada Bio, I told UBK he should be relieved because whoever Nyuma supported is precisely the person the APC wanted.

Honestly, from my insight, the only person within SLPP whom I will 'cham kola' (ie: personally vouch) for as a 100% loyal and faithful SLPP servant is John Benjamin the National Chairman and Leader. No one else will I stick my neck out to say is 100% SLPP and 0% APC. And I mean NO ONE ELSE!

APC and many of their moles and agents were so desperate to have John Benjamin (JOB) removed and replaced with...anyone! Anyone could have replaced him – as long as it was not JOB, that was how desperate they were! Why was this so? They could not really tell you why precisely they wanted JOB removed. Every day it was one new reason after the other but most of the reasons made no sense as to why JOB needed to be removed. Those who lacked foresight might be having pangs of conscience now on hindsight. I am not saying everyone else within SLPP is a mole. I am just saying I can only personally vouch for ONE person's sincerity.

Meanwhile, right at this moment as I type, a few more prominent Kailahun supporters of Julius Maada Bio including elected local councillors and even SLPP Constituency Chairmen from Kailahun are drafting their resignation letters to follow Nyuma to ruling ‘Live Forever!’ All Peoples Congress.

These soon-to-be-announced defections are ALL amongst those who openly declared for Maada Bio in Kailahun Court Barrie during the flagbearer campaigns.

The Defections Tsunami has arrived in the South-East and it is currently picking up steam inside Kailahun. When it will eventually hit Bo District and the cards tumble, you all will kindly excuse me as I intend to laugh out loud... HA HA HA HA! Who was Maada Bio's preferred candidate to be SLPP Deputy National Chairman? Hmmm. Let me think and see if I can recall the name... HA HA HA! I cannot wait to start laughing when the Tsunami will hit Bo by September. This will be after it leaves Kono were most of the SLPP MPs are going to be defecting to the APC! Mark my words! Are you shocked? Well, all over the world, politics is a game only for the smartest and street-wisests; certainly not for the academic professors and armchair politicians. Politics is a ‘419’ game.

What I am saying might sound outlandish and SLPP die-hards might not believe me just as they did not believe me way back when I told them they were running a MUMU Government. Let them wait a little while; the Tsunami is picking up speed from Kailahun. It will soon spread all over the South and the East.

Did someone mention Run-off elections for 2012? Where? In Sierra Leone? I do not think so! Indeed, certainly, like in all political contests, Ernest Koroma should not be complacent but his chances are so high that only a scandal of monumental and momentous proportions will knock his ship off the landslide first rounds victory it is heading for.

Indeed, Koroma should not take anything for granted in this regard [of possible last minute scandals] because just like Koroma has his embedded moles within SLPP so also does the SLPP loyalist team have their moles embedded within APC regime. This is evidenced by the leaked documents and information falling into the hands of SLPP. They say this is a dog eat dog world. HA HA HA HA! Politics is a ‘419’ game.

Stay tuned as the Defections Tsunami will be doing the rounds all over the South-East. It is picking up steam in Kailahun for now. It intends to go all around with the final destination being Bo District. The Tsunami will be going everywhere. The only place that might be relatively immune from the Defections Tsunami might be Kenema district. Note that I said relatively; not totally immune. In 2007 elections during the First Rounds, Koroma scored above 20% in a few Kenema Constituencies. He was in the opposition. Now he is in power...

Anyway, let me cease the flow of ink from my pen now. As my friend Dr. Patrick K. Muana will say, I am just musing in an 'I told you so' mood.... Good day my dear readers.

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