From Awareness Times Newspaper in Freetown

Truth does not need massaging
By Sylvia Olayinka Blyden
May 23, 2012, 19:19

On Page 107 of Volume 2 of Sierra Leone’s Truth & Reconciliation Commission Report under ‘Findings’, it is factually stated “The Commission finds that the exploitation of diamonds did not cause the conflict in Sierra Leone”.

As stated by the TRC, the conflict in Sierra Leone was not caused by lust for diamonds by Charles Taylor though diamonds might have served as [ limited ] means of financing the war.

The concept of TRUTH itself is like a diamond in the rough. It eventually shines bright for all to see despite the mud that might have been poured over it for decades in the rough.

So, once again, let me state: Charles Taylor would not have had impact here if some Sierra Leoneans (mostly from the South-East), had not used the aggrieved Taylor as a tool to help them destroy our country simply because they (Sierra Leoneans) were bitter with Momoh & Stevens APC regime.


Let me reiterate that Charles Taylor, like his willing allies from South-Eastern Sierra Leone and Corporal Foday Sankoh, shared angry resentment of APC. This is the point where true Historians will eventually start analysing the origins and processes of the Sierra Leone war and NOT the superficial nonsense about a scapegoat wanting diamonds. At the end of the day, Truth never needs cerebral exercises. Only superficial nonsense needs much massaging.


Factually, when we reduce the Sierra Leone civil war to the superficial ‘blood diamonds’ nonsense which the revisionists will like us to swallow, we insult the memories of all those who died or suffered in the war. In the process, we simply are laying the groundwork for a possible return to whence we have come from.


It is only when we know the true factors behind the 11 years war that we can prevent the conflict from repeating in Sierra Leone. We should REJECT all superficial nonsense of revisionists with an agenda to hide their principals’ culpabilities in the causes, origins and prolongation of our war.

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