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SLPP Boys & Girls Beat Up & Molest Kadi Johnson Cole... As Rex Benya Grabs her by Collar & throws her into the street
May 25, 2012, 16:16

At the opposition SLPP HQs are to be found a bunch of unruly, lawless male and female youths who thrive on violence. During the SLPP flagbearer contest, they were known as Bio Boys and Bio Girls of PA.O.PA faction but now SLPP is united as one with no more factions, they are known simply as SLPP Boys & Girls.


According to many sources, on Monday 26th March 2012, Mrs. Kadi Palmer Johnson-Cole went to SLPP HQs for a scheduled meeting with fellow former flagbearer aspirant Emmanuel Grant.


Whilst she sat waiting in office of Organising Secretary Sahr Nyama, she was pounced upon by SLPP Boys/Girls. Led by one Rex Benya who grabbed her by the collar, they roughed her up.


Johnson-Cole was frog-marched down the stairs and physically thrown into the street alongside a volley of vile insults (mammy cuss) and a promise that the next time she went there, she would be lucky to leave with her life. 


Later, she was given a police medical report after examination by police doctors. Johnson-Cole, still with love for her late fathers SLPP, did not press charges in hope Bio, Benjamin or SLPP Elders will step in. They did nothing since March.


This is second time Johnson-Cole is being physically assaulted inside the SLPP offices. The first time was by a senior female member who gave Johnson Cole a thump on her spinal cord.


So finally, as a result of physical and emotional pain (shame), Kadi Johnson-Cole has resigned from SLPP. See a copy of her Resignation Letter down below.



Mrs. Kadi Johnson-Cole


Biriwa Cheifdom

Bombali District


By Email

Mr. Sulaiman Banja Tejan-Sie

Secretary General

Sierra Leone Peoples Party

Wallace Johnson Street



16th May 2012

Dear Mr. Tejan-Sie


Letter of Resignation

After a period of intense reflection and soul searching, I wish to announce my resignation from the Sierra Leone Peoples party with effect from today 16th May 2012. Although there are other issues, the physical and verbal violence against my person at the SLPP Headquarters at Wallace Johnson Street was the final straw that broke the camels back.

I find myself no longer able to wholeheartedly defend the party and embarrassed to campaign for them, as the party has neglected its duty to address a major concern that made me become a member in the first place. No longer can I honestly go to the public and urge them to vote for the SLPP as the party that will do the best for them.


It is said that the senior members of the hierarchy condoned such violence against my person by acting as if nothing happened, when they are fully aware of the aforementioned incident that occurred on 26th March 2012. This is the main reason for my resignation from the party. I have now realized that my safety cannot be protected by the SLPP hierarchy, despite complaints made in the past which landed on deaf ears and made me continue to feel out of place in the SLPP.


I made friends during my active time with the SLPP. Hopefully those who believed in me, appreciated and encouraged my contribution under the SLPP, will understand my reasons for taking this decision. With this in mind, I make reference to my grassroots friends, former aspirants and my dear Aunty Beatrice Wusie of UK, who will not be happy about my resignation. I trust that the relationship we have enjoyed over the years will not be impaired by my action.


Beyond doubt it is heart-wrenching that I should leave the SLPP, a party that I truly love. Nevertheless, my sincere thanks to the members and I wish the party all the best.


Yours sincerely

Kadi Johnson-Cole (Mrs)

Cc: Mr. John Oponjo Benjamin, Chairman.

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