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In Sierra Leone, Civil Society Calls for MAC-P
By Augustine Samba
Jun 7, 2012, 17:14

The National Youth Coalition (NYC) in collaboration with the Sierra Leone Civil Rights Coalition (SLCRC), are calling on state security authorities to invoke Military Aid to Civil Power (MAC-P) in the fight against armed robbery in the country.


This call was made in a press briefing on Wednesday 6th June 2012, as a result of the increasing armed robbery attacks on innocent Sierra Leoneans at night, especially in the Western Area.


President of NYC, Mr. Ishmael Al-Sankoh Conteh, said the society is greatly alarmed at the spate of ranging armed robbery attacks in Freetown and itsí environs. He informed that, many people have either been injured, received casualties or lost properties worth millions of Leones to the armed robbers. He said the act of continuous robbery, is an early warning to potential violence as the country move close to the November elections.


Further, Mr. Conteh stated that, the systematic attacks on defenseless people with machetes and machine guns by gang groups and criminals to create panic and instability in some areas in Freetown is a course for alarm. He said if such ugly development is not addressed in time, it will lead to danger later.


Mr. Salieu A.B. Kargbo of SLCRC, expressed dismay over the numerous armed robbery attacks that are going on indiscriminately, leaving innocent and armless citizens in a state of misery and extinction. He further expressed fear that, if this situation is not checked now, there are all possibilities that potential investors will leave the country and national development, peace and security will be undermined.


Mr. Kargbo reminded that, it is the responsibility of government to put proactive measures in place to ensure armed robbery issues are curbed just immediately. According to him, it is very essential for security apparatus to be adequately provided with required logistics to support night patrols.

He stated further that, on several occasions MAC-P has succeeded in curbing violence and armed robbery in Sierra Leone, adding that, it is very essential for authorities to implement it again and save the people of Sierra Leone from the wicked hands of these armed robbers.

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