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Scandal hits Conference of Montreal as Human Rights Abusers from West Africa to Lecture World Body
By Sylvia Blyden (in Sierra Leone)
Jun 12, 2012, 17:17

Sékouba Konaté, shares similar characteristics to Julius Maada Bio. He is also a so-called “Brigadier-General” who was forced to hand over power to civilians in Guinea.
Pertinent documents sent to this writer on June 11, 2012 from the organisers of the International Economic Forum of the Americas’ Conference of Montreal in which Julius Maada Bio will be addressing, indicates that he will be sharing the programme with his fellow West African coup-plotter and human rights abuser, Sékouba Konaté of Guinea tomorrow June 13th 2012 at 10:30am at Hilton Bonaventure hotel in Montreal.


The conference itself has a multitude of speakers including very distinguished persons. However, the events at which Bio and Konaté will speak are side events away from main plenary hall. The session at which they will both speak will see a total of seven speakers allotted few minutes each for one hour 15 minutes in total. They will talk on topic: Intelligence & Security: Strategic Risks.

Another side session today June 12th at 4:30pm will see Bio speak alongside five speakers on ‘Geopolitical Realties and Energy: Risk Zones’.

One of the Conference sponsoring partners is Rio Tinto Alcan, a multi-billion dollars iron ore company which had an unsavoury iron ore deal with ill-experienced juntas in Guinea including Sékouba Konaté's. That Iron Ore deal is now being renegotiated by President Alpha Conde upon taking office in Guinea from the junta. The junta had done a very corrupt negotiation in same fashion as that of Lansana Conte.

It is a fact Rio Tinto has been looking for a player to allow it entry into Sierra Leone’s lucrative iron ore market. Rio Tinto has billions of dollars. It can sponsor multi-million dollars Presidential campaigns if it wishes and use accounting techniques to hide such cash disbursements as 'due diligence' and 'consultancies'.

Meanwhile, the Conference of Montreal mis-labels both Maada Bio & Sékouba Konaté as former Presidents instead of as former military junta bosses. They are also mis-termed with self-proclaimed titles of Brigadier-General.


Right now, the presence of Maada Bio and his fellow human rights abuser Sékouba Konaté at the said Conference of Montreal is sparking controversy in some circles around the world especially on Facebook social media amongst Africans.


It was under the Guinean junta that terrible human rights abuses occured especially against women in a Conakry Stadium. Similarly, human rights abuses by Julius Maada Bio’s own military junta in Sierra Leone saw a pregnant woman tortured to her death alongside hundreds of others killed in extra-judicial killings as reported by the country's Truth & Reconciliation Commission Report. Bio himself had to be chased out of office in 1996 by determined Sierra Leone women who were fed up with the human rights abuses of his regime.

PHOTO SHOWS Sékouba Konaté, the self-proclaimed Brigadier-General.

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