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Sierra Leone: A Response to Dr. Thomas Yormah’s Penultimate Communication
By Dr. Sylvia Olayinka Blyden
Jun 12, 2012, 17:13

Dear Dr. THOMAS Yormah,

Some time last year, Dr. Dama James had sent a rude SMS text to my senior reporter saying he has stopped reading AWARENESS TIMES a long time ago. So he still reads it to the extent of alerting you on its contents? Hmmmm.

Anyway, since you are clearly unable to show us the “conclusive” handling of the extrajudicial killings by the TRC and since you are still unable to read where I refer to Valentine Strasser and his other henchmen but only saw Maada Bio’s name in my piece, I have no other comments except to point out to you that in your initial piece, you wrote sentences which were not only insulting of my person but highly offensive and clearly libellous.

You could face criminal libel charges for the words you published which, if I had produced in my newspaper would be an exercise in self-published libel hence it was prudent for me not to deign to repeat the insults from you.

Your apology for offending me is hereby noted but your inability to similarly apologise to your general readers for having tried to pull a fast one under the guise of ‘academia’ is also noted.


The whole world now knows that after you spent 48 hours poring over the TRC Report, you could not find a single line to justify your dishonest attempt to brainwash your readers that the TRC had ‘conclusively’ handled the extra-judicial killings of Bambay Kamara and others including a pregnant woman; all done by Julius Maada Bio and his colleagues.

I note your veiled reference warning me about the possibility of me facing the same ill fate as late Dele Giwa who was a Nigerian journalist assassinated because his investigative work unearthed what some former Nigerian military junta persons were unhappy to have been unearthed. As a result, Giwa was killed with a letter bomb sent to his house. Clearly, you either wish the same death for me or you are planning same and are warning me to desist from revealing antecedents, processes motivation and actual players who supported the RUF war.

Let me assure you that I am not afraid of death. If the Almighty decides my time on this earth is due to be ended, nothing will stop me from dying so why should I be bothered when cowards threaten me with death like Dele Giwa?

Finally, unlike Julius Maada Bio and other NPRC Killers, I have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING secret to hide which I am ashamed of. You can search my past as much as you like. You will find absolutely nothing in there for me to be ashamed of. I am an upstanding citizen, a self-confident  woman and a true patriot who knows right from wrong.

Yours sincerely,


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