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Julius Maada Bio & Despicable Hate Speech to Incite the South-Easterners
By Sylvia O. Blyden
Jun 26, 2012, 17:11

It can be recalled that in a Release issued on February 6th 2012, Julius Maada Bio, SLPP presidential candidate stated of:

1) Government undertaking cross-regional and cross-district movements of ex-combatants from different parts of the country (North and West) into the Mende-dominated South-East. Ex-combatants armed with weapons and other offensive instruments have already been ferried to Moyamba, Bo, Kenema, Pujehun, Kailahun and Zimmi.


2) All of this remobilization, rearming, systematic deployment is spearheaded by the two Government Ministers - Defence Minister Palor Conteh (a Limba) & Internal Affairs Minister Musa Tarawalie (a Mandingo) - responsible for supervising Military & Police which are the only two units legislated to wield weapons.


3) The Government has rented houses in the South-East for these ex-combatants who were now intimidating South-Easterners whilst the Police is refusing to act on complaints about armed intimidators.


4) Ex-combatants and foreigners from neighbouring countries are being transported by Sierra Leones Ambassadors for purpose of swelling APC votes in the elections.


5) Koroma Government is doing this so it can arrest opposition members, extend its tenure via State of Emergency and keep APCs North-Western Temne/Limba/Loko strongholds peaceful whilst Mende-dominated opposition South-East will be on fire.


6) SLPPs formal request to Schulenburg to transmit allegations to U.N. Security Council and International Criminal Court about potential danger this extant action of Government poses to peace and security of Sierra Leone.


Naturally, many people are concerned. The Government has been impugned  and de-famed not only locally but internationally (ICC & UN Security Council).


Government swiftly and strongly denied these allegations. Based on pressure from other political parties, notably UDM and from civil society and the media, the Police were called upon to investigate.


Government made it clear that the Defence and Internal Affairs Ministers were to be interrogated by the Police about the as-yet-unproven allegations from Julius Maada Bio.


Naturally, the Police also politely invited Bio to make a statement to them so as to get to bottom of these serious allegations. That was the time all hell was let loose from within the SLPP Camp as the SLPP, failing to come up with a single scrap of evidence to justify the wild claims of cross-regional movement of armed ex-combatants into houses rented by Palor Conteh and Musa Tarawalie in South-East, decided to go berserk.


All over the internet, SLPP members were trolling as they threatened doomsday on anyone who questioned their lack of evidence. However, none was as clear-cut as that of Sama Banya who not only insulted the independent media as having been bought over for asking for evidence but went on to write a hair-raising warning of a possible re-emergence of Ndorgboyosoi and possible commencement of another RUF rebel war.


Clearly, Dr. Sama Banya has now warned us that if we continue to press for Julius Maada Bio to provide us with evidence of Bios wild claims against the sitting Government, the SLPP might launch another Ndorgboyosoi and/or RUF war in Sierra Leone. This is utterly shameful browbeating Dr. Banya! Warnings and Threats notwithstanding, I hope Julius Maada Bio provides the Police with the evidence to substantiate his allegations.


If Bio is not able to substantiate serious allegations about Government Ministers deploying armed ex-combatants to cause violence in South-Eastern Mende-line, then Julius Maada Bio should be given the chance to do two things. First, publicly apologise to the Nation in every single district where he will confess to gatherings that he is a liar, a war-mongerer and a scare-mongerer. He should also write a Public Apology Letter to the International Criminal Court and the United Nations Security Council denouncing his previous Statement as misinformation.


This article is being reproduced as it is very timely at this moment of some people calling themselves to be TORMENTORS.

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