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SLPP’s Symbol Wahala - Hon. Robin Faley Abandoned in Jail
By Sylvia O. Blyden
Jun 27, 2012, 17:12

The US-based sister of late Major Abu Tarawally, former ADC to Captain Valentine Strasser, will shake her head if she is informed of how Julius Maada Bio boasted at the SLPP headquarters that good soldiers always bring back the boots of their comrades even if they cannot bring the corpse from the war-front. Julius Maada Bio, the SLPP’s presidential candidate was speaking whilst assuring that his own new SLPP do not leave their prized members to suffer. This is why he said he paid the sum of thirty five million leones fine for two SLPP members accused of wounding with intent.


What many did not know was that even as Julius Maada Bio was speaking in Freetown, the Honourable elected parliamentarian for SLPP stronghold of Constituency 07 in the Kailahun district had been abandoned by the SLPP. Hon. Robin Faley, as of this morning has spent three days in cells inside the squalor of the Kenema District State Prisons eating prison food and not allowed contact with any relative or friend. This has been his fate since Monday morning. From Monday until the whole of Tuesday and again today, Wednesday, Hon. Robin Faley has been detained; his party has abandoned him.


The issue is that Hon. Faley is one of the SLPP’s most productive MPs. He single-handedly got the powerful and usually arrogant Government Minister of Education to issue a public apology to Kailahun kids when the Government bungled up their examinations process one time. He also, singlehandedly, lobbied the Government to ensure that the free health care initiative was extended to his Constituency even though the main hospital there did not qualify for such; being a private hospital. He has many infrastructural developments to his name like bridges and culverts and he is a promoter of Culture amongst the youths. He became so popular for his stances taken in and out of parliament that he was even touted as a possible presidential candidate one time.

Hon. Faley was bitterly against the candidacy of Julius Maada Bio and so now supporters of Bio wish to have him replaced as MP for Constituency 07 with a refusal for him to be granted a symbol. It is widely believed within Constituency 07 that Hon. Faley’s detention for alleged forgery of birth certificates was brought about by his own SLPP members who went behind his back to alert the police of the allegation.

The current issue is that on Monday when the matter came up for hearing, the prosecution objected that the papers submitted to bail Hon. Faley did not have a registered conveyance but just site plan. Following legal arguments on the issue, Magistrate Stevens concurred for Hon. Faley to bring forward a registered conveyance to as to be sure of his bail conditions were met.


Strangely, not a single member of the SLPP has been able to bring their documents forward to ensure Hon. Faley was bailed out. As a result, the courts have had no option but to keep Hon. Faley on remand at the State Prisons.


Speaking to Awareness Times, a court clerk said all what was needed was a registered conveyance for a property located anywhere in Sierra Leone. However, as of this morning, no SLPP hierarchy has been willing to come forward to surrender his or her registered conveyance in order to set Faley free. Even the usual SLPP lawyers are nowhere to be seen in the matter.


Also, no lawyer was available to make an application to the High Court for a variation of the bail either. Thus, Hon. Robin Faley is cooling his heels in jail for three days now.


This is the new brand of the SLPP which claims it does not leave its loyal soldiers behind. However, it is possible, because of SLPP symbol issues, that Hon. Robin Faley is not even being considered as a loyal SLPP member. Hon. Faley, an ‘SLPP fighter’ of Constituency 07, has been left abandoned ‘at the political warfront’ just like happened to late Major Abu Tarawally.

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