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APC, Opposition, Diplomats & all Bade Farewell to Sierra Leone 'Mummy'
By Aruna Turay & Michael T. Kamara
Jul 16, 2012, 12:13

Down below are a few selected photographs from the funeral of the late mother of President Koroma of Sierra Leone which saw ruling APC, Opposition parties, Diplomats & people from all walks of life bidding Farewell to 'Mummy', the 'Mother of the Nation.

PMDC Chairman, Mr. Charles Francis Margai at the service.

UDM's Mohamed Bangura at the funeral service.

SLPP Chairman and Leader Mr. John O. Benjamin and SLPP delegation at the funeral service.

Speaker of Parliament Hon. Justice Abel Stronge and Chief Justice Hon. Justice Haja Umu Hawa Tejan Jalloh at the service.

Senior police officers of the SLP at the service.

Police chief and senior police officers of the SLP at the service.

H.E, First Lady and the Koroma sisters at the funeral service.

Gambian Minister of Agriculture at the service.

Family members in the Church.

Cross section of APC ministers at the service.


H.E. President Koroma descending from the Church.

Koroma brothers and sisters descending from the Church.

Ex-President Kabbah and Vice President Sam Sumana marching to the grave side.

Military brass band escorting the corpse to the grave side.

Council officers carry the corpse shoulder-high to the grave side.


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