From Awareness Times Newspaper in Freetown

Na Da We Passport! A Sierra Leone Political Satire
By Patriotic Satirists
Jul 16, 2012, 12:17

SLPP say: “Di Pa dae work but di Mami nor dae cook?”

APC reply: “Di Mami nor able cook bicos Maada Bio tiff di port”

SLPP asked: “which pot Maada Bio tiff?”

APC answered: “Da We Passport!”

Laugh!!!! :-) ;-) :-)

(Reference: Sierra Leone NPRC passport corruption scandal; NPRC-SLPP Maada Bio’s share was deposited at his UK & Ghana Offshore Bank Accounts. A Criminal prosecution was commenced by Tejan Kabbah SLPP Gov’t for this passport corruption. Former ACC Boss Abdul Tejan Cole was at the UN last week. He has told the world that blood diamonds did not cause the war. Tejan-Cole says Truth & Reconciliation Commission Report reveals such acts of corruption [like passport sales squirreled into Maada Bio’s foreign accounts] led to the state of Poverty the country now finds itself. Such corruption-induced Poverty is what the majority of patriotic Sierra Leoneans are fighting against.) 

Is this the proposed New Direction for Salone?

For Sell we Passport; Kerr we money go develop other country en Lef we pan Poor? Hmmmmm!

    Squirrel tiff we Money en lef we pan Poor!

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