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Maada Bio, you are an Issue, an Issue & the Issue in Sierra Leone Presidential Elections
By Mohamed Kamara
Jul 19, 2012, 17:18

Julius Maada Bio, the man whose regime beat senseless and then sexually assaulted poor Madam Muriel Jones-Stanley for simply refusing to unprocedurally hand over Brookfields Hotel keys to NPRC soldiers in the middle of the night wants us to elect him to be our next Fountain of Honour. He does not seem to understand the meaning of the word ĎHonourí.


Julius Maada Bio who could not hide his tribalism even when he spoke to Truth & Reconciliation Commission (TRC) and¬† so he roundly insulted Krio ethnic group to TRC just because Valentine Strasser, his NPRC nemesis, had been a Krio. More on Maada Bioís vicious Krio-bashing when campaigns start!


Julius Maada Bio whom former SLPP President Kabbah lamented of irregular military rank promotions which catapulted Bio from Lieutenant in April 1992 to Captain in August 1992 and then nonsensically straight to Brigadier in April 1995 (From Lieutenant to Brigadier in 3 years!), wants us to hand over our distinguished U.N. saluted Peacekeeping RSLAF over for him to become its next Commander in Chief so he can give birth to more sobels [soldier rebels] in the country.


Julius Maada Bio whose hands are dripping with so much innocent blood wants us to hand over this peaceful State to him so he can bloody our existence again like he did when his 10 weeks rule introduced cut-hand and cut-foot to intimidate us away from voting in February 1996.


Julius Maada Bio who unpatriotically sold our Nationís passports to the Hong Kong Mafioso and squirreled the proceeds into his private bank accounts, want us to put him in charge of handling the vices of corruption in the land.


Julius Maada Bio who has unchallenged propensity to beat and stripped a wife stark naked, bite off his love rivalís ears, chew and swallow it, wants us to hand over the free health care for women and children programme over to him.


Julius Maada Bio whose entry into SLPP has transformed the SLPP headquarters into a scene of drugs use and extreme violence wants us to take him into our Government State House with his gangsters.


This is the same Julius Maada Bio who now dares to say the elections in which he wants us to make him Sierra Leone President are not about his abject, dismal, horrific, thieving  and bloody record. Bio still does not understand that his character and person are the issue, the issue and the issue for all concerned Sierra Leoneans! The young man (Borbor) is confused.


Julius Maada Bio is confused because he is haunted by ghosts of his victims and his hidden sins. He is haunted and confused to madness. No wonder they call him Madder Bio! He is mad to say these elections are not about his despicable self.



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