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Sierra Leone Opposition Agents Threaten Popular Journalists
By Awareness Times Newspaper
Aug 29, 2012, 17:17


Sierra Leone Opposition Operatives have been making a lot of threats against anyone perceived as being critical of their presidential candidate’s thieving, lying and murderous record. All over the Internet and via the use of SMS texts and phone calls, critics of Julius Maada Bio are being subjected to the vilest possible insults and to threats against their lives and well-beings. On Monday this week (27th August 2012), the NEW STORM newspaper of Messrs Ahmed Kanneh and Allieu V. Kaisamba, published what are clearly inciting and life-threatening statements against two of the country’s most popular independent journalists and social commentators, David Tam Baryoh and Dr. Sylvia Blyden.


In Monday’s article, Blyden and Tam-Baryoh’s constitutional rights to freedom of speech, as well as their sacred duties to provide a platform for the voice-less, were attacked by one faceless writer going by a pseudonym of James Saa Momoh with email address of


In the NEW STORM publication entitled as “THE TRAGEDY OF THE ALL PEOPLES CONGRESS PARTY”, James Saa Momoh or whatever his real name is, threatens the life and well-being of Tam-Baryoh and Sylvia Blyden very openly because they have allowed victims of human rights abuses to use Blyden and Tam-Baryoh’s  widely respected mediums as a platform to air grievances against persons like Julius Maada Bio, the opposition presidential candidate.

Mr. Maada Bio is former member of a military dictatorship and he is well documented in the country’s Truth & Reconciliation Commission (TRC) Report as having partaken of gruesome scene of torture and subsequent killings on 29th December 1992.


Successive Governments, since 1996 return to civilian rule, to their shame, have turned a blind eye to cries of victims’ families all these years. Whilst foreign diplomats have held meetings with the families to console them, the current ruling APC executive authority have continued to snub the relatives as if they do not exist.


According to the pro-SLPP writer with false name of James Saa Momoh, the current Government is doing the right thing to ignore victims of Maada Bio’s cruelty whilst journalists (Tam Baryoh & Sylvia Blyden) who are giving victims’ relatives a platform to speak out, should suffer nefarious consequences and misfortune when SLPP breaks ‘dark clouds’.


There have been numerous recent incidents of brutality by Mr. Maada Bio’s supporters both internally amongst themselves (SLPP) and externally to others. A former senior SLPP member Madam Kadi Johnson Cole was beaten up, dragged out of the party headquarters and threatened of how she could lose her life in March this year.


Another such activity of the mammals at SLPP Headquarters is re-published on Page 3 of today’s edition. Turn to page 3 to see the mammals who want this country to be handed to them in November this year.


The relevant section of the James Saa Momoh article is being reproduced down below (verbatim):



Our so called journalists rather than contributing to making this nation a peaceful place to live, have continued to trigger trouble. It is the journalists, the Tam Bayoh, the Sylvia Blyden etc that have been pushing the family members of those that were executed in the NPRC days. The situation is that people like Tam Bayoh and Sylvia Blyden never actually lost people in the almost eleven years of war that was fought. So all that they are concern about is an execution that was done some twenty years ago by a very popular regime then. Does Tam Bayoh and Sylvia Blyden actually know how much killings Bambay Kamara and others did? We can understand that whilst this government is distancing itself from that reckless venture, it is unwittingly using those pen and microphone mercenaries to foment trouble in this land. The APC knows that they have no moral grounds to question the execution of people when they have been notoriously known for that.


What perhaps those pen mercenaries and their pay masters must understand is that every situation will always produce its own leader. They are triggering trouble and there can be no hiding place should it comes to that. Every one of them must be made to embrace that dark hour and (mis)fortune they are yearning for. So the earlier Sylvia Blyden and others understand that there can be no hiding place for them and that no amount of bogus security guards can save them once the dark cloud breaks, the better it will be for them.

From Awareness Times Newspaper in Freetown

Sierra Leone Opposition's Ex-Combatants viciously turn on each other at Party Head Quarters
By Dr. Sylvia Olayinka Blyden
First Published Mar 6, 2012, 17:16

Accompanying this report are three photographs taken on night of Saturday 4th March 2012 at around 9pm by our ace undercover reporter right at gates of main opposition Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) head quarters at Wallace Johnson Street.

The first two are photos of uniformed police officers taking away a very prominent SLPP supporting ex-combatant John Smart (aka SLA) after his SLPP ex-combatant colleagues had reportedly beat him up to unconsciousness right inside the SLPP compound and then dragging his unconscious comatose body out into the darkened street. The third one is the body lying as it was met by the police officers right in front of the SLPP Headquarters building.

It was in the process of these SLPP ex-combatants dragging the comatose body out of the compound that a City Council Metropolitan Policeman saw the scene and rushed to call police officers from nearby CENTRAL POLICE STATION. The team from Central Police was headed by the Operations Officer, Mr. Musa and they arrived in a white pick-up police truck. The officers are shown in these two photos as they raise the unconscious SLA from the floor and put him into the police truck.

Police Officers and another Bystander help to raise SLA John Smart from the ground

John Smart’s colleagues who reportedly beat him up include Ibrahim Sheriff (aka ABRAVO). However, to the full hearing of our undercover agent and other bystanders, ABRAVO claimed that SLA John Smart was in that state of blood, filth and wounds all over with a swollen and busted up face because he overdosed on drugs and alcohol inside the SLPP Headquarters and not because anyone beat him up.

"De man don drugs en useless insef" [TRANSLATED: The man is in this useless state because of drugs he has imbibed] were the words which ABRAVO were loudly explaining to the police officers as he denied the allegations of the Metro policeman who saw them dragging the unconscious SLPP ex-combatant out of the SLPP headquarters.

At one point, Ibrahim ABRAVO Sheriff, upon seeing our undercover reporter taking photos of the unconscious SLA John Smart, mobilised his other ex-combatants buddies to pounce on our undercover reporter. The SLPP ex-combatants surrounded our reporter and threatened to kill him if he did not delete the photos from his camera.

According to Ibrahim ABRAVO Sheriff, who was loudly speaking in local creole parlance, "dis na SLPP to SLPP business" [TRANSLATED: This is an internal SLPP issue] and so no outsider should take photographs of their menacing and brutal activities towards each other inside the SLPP Headquarters.

SLA John Smart lies inside the white police truck in his brutalised state. His Colleagues however say he is like this because of an overdose of DRUGS

It was the timely intervention of two of the uniformed police officers who gave our undercover reporter a chance to escape from their claws and jump on to his motorbike to escape from their angry clutches before they could realise he had escaped.

Both John Smart (SLA) and Ibrahim Sheriff (ABRAVO) are key founding members of the SLPP camp known as the PA.O.PA Group. These are fierce ex-combatants loyal to Julius Maada Bio, the SLPP Presidential aspirant. Since 2010, they have turned the once-pristine and reputable SLPP offices to Djamba Potes (Marijuana Hangouts) and a place to perpetuate wild thuggery.

It can be recalled that several attempts by SLPP Chairman John Benjamin to clean up the premises of such thuggery and drugs use have been futile and fruitless as the 'Bio Boys' including many ex-combatants like SLA and ABRAVO, are clearly not prone to law and orderly behaviour.

Factually, Saturday night's incident which we have captured live on camera is just one of numerous such violent and lawless incidents which are happening all the time inside the SLPP Headquarters at Wallace Johnson Street in Freetown.

SLA John Smart lying face down in front of the SLPP Headquarters where City Council Metropolitan Police allege they saw his colleagues dragging his unconscious body

Meanwhile, according to Nurses on duty that night, when the police took John Smart to Connaught Hospital for medical treatment, SLPP Big Guns (names withheld) later ensured he was quickly moved from the hospital.

It also appears this matter of brutality towards an SLPP excombatant by his SLPP excombatant colleagues has died a natural death at the police whilst whereabouts of the unconscious SLA John Smart is currently unknown.

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