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Awareness Times tours Kambia with Maada Bio
Sep 19, 2012, 17:16

A team of astute Awareness Times journalists accompanied the opposition presidential candidate Julius Maada Bio during his three days trip inside Kambia district from Sunday September 16th 2012 until yesterday Tuesday September 18th 2012. Although we were not invited by the SLPP to cover their functions, we unilaterally sponsored a team well equipped with video, audio and photographic equipment to capture every step of the way. Our team arrived in Kambia two days prior to the arrival of Bio during which we did extensive analysis of the mood on the ground in Kambia.


Upon the SLPPís arrival in Kambia, they met a fully equipped Awareness Times team awaiting them. Although the SLPP was not enthused with us doggedly following their jeeps (using our motorbikes) into any village or town they travelled inside Kambia, it must be stated that they were polite, treated us with respect as journalists and did not hinder us as we videotaped and photographed all their movements starting from former President Kabbahís village on Sunday and ending in Chief Kapenís Mambolo yesterday. Many times, they would frown at our actions but no SLPP member was rude to us during the entire 3 days. It was a most welcomed change from the bellicose and belligerent stance the public had now come to expect from SLPP operatives. It is possible the persistent criticisms of their PA.O.PA excesses might be working afterall. We are continuing to monitor them.


Our team will be back in Freetown today following which we will objectively report on our independent findings about the Maada Bio trip to Kambia district. We intend to be covering (invited and uninvited) all major political parties until the November elections.


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