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In Sierra Leone, Ambassador Suspends Georgia Consul
Sep 25, 2012, 16:10

H.E. Ambassador Bockarie K. Stevens has on Saturday 22nd September 2012 confirmed receipt of a letter from Concerned Citizens of Sierra Leone in Atlanta, Georgia about the arrest of Sierra Leones Honorary Consul to State of Georgia; who is originally herself from Sierra Leone.


Ambassador Stevens told Awareness Times that he has already issued a suspension of the Consul, Madam Cynthia Jarrett-Thorpe, pending investigations into the matter.


The Consul, who was arrested alongside her husband, has pled the familys innocence of criminally defrauding the State of Georgia by their private tow-truck company.


Meanwhile, the ambassador has been commended for his swift action in doing the right thing.


I hope the Jarrett-Thorpes can swiftly clear themselves of these serious allegations. I pray that they also find peace at this time of sadness which must be distressing to them and their loved ones.


Meanwhile, I commend the ambassador for doing what is the right thing under the circumstances even though it is a sad development, was stated on the SIERRA LEONE ISSUES Facebook Group.


These sentiments of sadness were re-echoed by many other Diaspora Sierra Leoneans for the Consul & her husband.

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