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Are IMC Commissioners Blind?
By Sylvia Olayinka Blyden ( the Only Female Newspaper Publisher in a Nation with a Useless IMC )
Sep 25, 2012, 16:08

Yesterday, when my office scanned and sent me the two articles about me in Jonathan Leigh’s newspaper, I laughed the contents off because it was just the same old nonsense rehashed from their SLPP propaganda outlet. I did feel sorry for John Benjamin with the same old lies about him with respect to my person.But can I blame Jonathan alone? Afterall, it was octogenarian Dr. Sama Banya who first ordered SLPP last year to publish that false allegation see below of the paper’s official mouthpiece so if Leigh reproduces what Unity alleges, no surprises there! Leigh was all too happy to join Unity and Global Times to try to FORCE me to slink off from exposing the excesses of Maada Bio. I will not countenance his rehashed nonsense. Jonathan Leigh, should explain why some 18 years ago, he got sacked from Concord Times newspaper. The man is behaving like a fox calling grapes he desires to be sour.[SMILE] Let him state why he was sacked so the world can know the true reason why Leigh (like certain male journalists) is always writing sexually explicit stuff about me.

Factually, there are very few Sierra Leoneans who possess my wealth of knowledge about Sierra Leone politics over the last 30 years. I know the good from the bad when it comes to Sierra Leone politics. I am thus highly opinionated on how my country should be run. My opinions are sharp, clear and cogent to most readers. My opinions cannot be effectively challenged so detractors shamefully resort to using my gender and our chauvinistic society as tools to silence me. Instead of addressing issues which I raise, they lob gender-based insults revolving around sexually explicit insults.


It was just the same old pack of lies which they peddled throughout SLPP regime only to stand in amazement as the former President, Tejan Kabbah gave them a parting gift via a National Honour to their bęte noir. Let them wait until President Koroma gives me a much higher National Honour in 2017 when he is leaving office. That is the time, they will know I am born blessed.

Indeed, I had laughed off the rubbish from Leigh but what got me to be fired up to write this piece was when the IMC sent a so-called press release out in the evening hours of yesterday.


As soon as I read it in my mailbox, I phoned up the IMC Chairperson Rod MacJohnson and his Deputy Hannah Hamed, yesterday to tell them that Awareness Times will NOT be following their arbitrary, hopeless and biased “directive” which is more of a mockery of their useless state of media monitoring than anything else.


That self-mockery IMC press release insinuating the problem commenced last Friday September 21st 2012 with Aruna’s piece challenging the lies of Jonathan Leigh, is the highest level of hypocrisy from a USELESS Independent Media Commission. I have published for the hopeless IMC, two front pages of Leigh’s Independent Observer which they (Rod MacJohnson & Hannah Ahmed) claim they never saw. One is dated June 13th 2012 and the other one is dated more recently (14th September 2012). Maybe after viewing these two of dozens of similar ones from Leigh & cohorts which went unanswered by us, the IMC will then go back and check their archives to know who started what! Totally Useless, Hopeless IMC!!


As far as I am concerned, IMC Commissioners are slowly destroying this country with their complete ineptitude in media monitoring!! Maybe they want to shut down my newspaper so SLPP vuvuzelas can blow unhindered all over the land. You can try to shut my newspaper down but just prepare yourself for a strong legal battle. You sat down idly over the last months as Jonathan Leigh and Sorie Fofana published all sorts of sexually explicit nasty allegations of me and you did nothing! Now, you want to direct me and malign my newspaper with insinuation that we started the problem? Are you crazy?


Go and do your job you swore on oath to perform! Stop destroying this country with your inability to monitor the media. The problem is not Awareness Times! The problem is your gross inability to properly monitor the media despite all the money you have chopped from the United Nations and other Donors. Useless Independent Media Commission! Hopeless bunch of United Nations & Donor money-choppers!!! I am not going to obey your damned biased directive! You are a bunch of inept duds calling yourselves as IMC Commissioners. Go and do your media monitoring jobs or resign your positions. Your institution continues to remain to be a shame and disgrace to our country.


Useless IMC!! You think people do not know some of your agenda you wish to come to pass?


Get out of my face with your stupid Press Release! I will NEVER obey your biased “directive” for as long as you pretend not to see all the trash being written about me. If Leigh and his media madmen are not claiming in their media that I have swindled $3,500, they are writing all sorts of sex-sex rubbish and you pretend not to see.


13th June 2012 Independent Observer which IMC made no squeak about!


14th Sept. 2012 Independent Observer which IMC was too blind to see!

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