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In Sierra Leone, Jonathan Leigh Face Me
By Aruna Turay
Sep 25, 2012, 16:06

Does Jonathan Leigh need to use Dr. Sylvia Blyden as his human shield to fight a young and dynamic man like Aruna Turay whom he is four times older than? Why canít Jonathan Leigh keep Sylvia Blyden out of this and face me alone if he has the gut? Sylvia has no hands in the fight against myself and Jonathan .


The issue at hand is simple, Jonathan Leigh on his Thursday 20th September 2012 edition lied to the public that a source at the Awareness Times told him that Dr. Sylvia Blyden stands ready to pay some Le800,000 on behalf of Mr. Julius Bambay Kamara in order to prevent the latter from going to jail. Where Jonathan got these lies we donít know, so on our subsequent edition on Friday 21st September 2012, we at Awareness Times challenged his lies and call on him to prove he is not a liar. What Jonathan did next on his Monday 24th September 2012 edition, was to use his rag-tag toilet paper to display his parental inherited rudeness and unleashed all sort on words against innocent Sylvia and even the poor womanís mother.


What has Jonathan got to say about Sylvia in terms of public respect, achievements, contribution to national development, education, international respect, affiliations, etc? NOTHING absolutely! In all aspects, Sylvia is far more well placed than him. What can Jonathan boast of? The prostitutes he is parading the streets of Freetown with on a nightly basis or those he takes home everyday for Le10,000 per night? The bastard that he was given internationally or his bad attitude of harassing and chasing his female secretaries and reporters for sex or what? Tell me Joe!


Jonathan should stop using an innocent woman to cover his shame. He should know that Sylvia is just a woman whom God has blessed and no man born of Satan like himself (Jonathan) can bring her down, despite what. I want you to face me, foolish big man and leave Sylvia out of this. It is between you and I, not Sylvia.


I want to show you how even a child loses respect for old and foolish idiots like you. For your information, the Sylvia I know will never respond to you on this because she knows I can handle cheap idiots like you.

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